CD vs WD war report

Open dagyrox opened this discussion on 11th October 2016

dagyrox October 2016

We demand a war report!!!!

ScorpiAS October 2016

I have tasked h3 with creating one. Will defect him swiftly if he does not comply. [heart]

h3 October 2016

We came

We fought

We conquered

I nearly died (usual I do die, but unlucky for #13 my little princess woke me up during the night, and that my friends, saved my bacon)

Will get a full report up later on [evilgrin]

dagyrox October 2016

Please, more on the bacon. I prefer it thin and crispy, with plenty of maple syrup...Thank you.

Simo October 2016

nice report, all true (I'm the elder of #13) ;-)

rEdL|nE October 2016

crap you're still alive :)

Simo October 2016

I was not under attack

rEdL|nE October 2016

why didn't you raze your homes?

lepel October 2016

ok i can put ours here as well. No need to create a new thread.

Warreport CD vs bunnies
They came, they saw and we surrendered.

BiltesKrieg October 2016

CD went all “Where is she?!!!”
And the bunnies said “Martha!!!”

Kovenant October 2016

Quite accurate :D

Kovenant October 2016

Assemble the troops, the thunderous voice boomed across the octagonal shaped hallways of the great tribes.
“i will have no more of this” the elder insisted.
“you can’t tell me what to do!” the Co-elder snapped like an angry teenager.
“we will sort this out in a battle, a battle of our choosing that is!” the elder continued.

Across the octagonal shaped structure more and more activity and sounds of preperation rose up.
And the tribe leader “Adolfh” woke up from a deep sleep, which started way too late due to celebrations over a great victory but also over a loss of one of the leaders of the octagonal group.
The replacement leader will find his way he tought as he got dressed to meet with the other leaders to hear what the commotion is all about.

When Adolfh wanted to reach for the doorhandle, the door swung open and hit the stone wall with a great thump.
In stormed the co-elder with a red flushed face and hair all messed up still agnry over the encounter with the elder.
No more he stated while pointing at Adolfh, No more i will listed to this old senile man!
I am good enough to run the octagonal halls!
Calm down Adolfh said while turning away and starting to walk to the table to grab two pints.
While handing a pint to Co-elder he took a great sip- Ahh! Nothing better then to start the day with..
Now please start, what is this commotion all about.

Elder decided that we go to war, we are to war the Westerns again!
Elder has enough of their brute ways of interfering in wars and wants them punished for their actions.
I wanted to talk peace into their mind co-elder continued but to no avail he ordered me to make preparations for war.
Them again from the lands of the 13 failures Adolfh began.
I wanted to go after them again after our last encounter which was a short one..
With a great laugh he threw his pint accross the room and with a pleased look on his face he slapped Co-elder on the back, let’s go get them i got your back!
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