Age 86 Aatwards

Open Scarlet opened this discussion on 21st February 2017

Scarlet March 2017

Due to a few nominations, Aatwards are back.

The 6 categories with the highest nominations will be put into a poll with their nominees in the last day of age.
Voting will be on the last day of the age, and cut off shortly before the start of the next age.

I expect to see people contending for most evul alliance in the next week :)

If you have any questions let me know!

Scarlet February 2017

Get your nominations in. I will open the poll for voting tomorrow :)

bloodball February 2017

woop woop. i did nominate stuff

Scarlet February 2017

Voting is open!

(I will get max to extend it hopefully, I set it to march 2nd [:s] )

Scarlet March 2017

I will hand out appropriate aatwards now that voting has finished :)
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