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Open Bolle opened this discussion on 21st October 2016

Bolle October 2016

I've been gone for half a year now I guess.

For the old folks who remember me: I'm teaching and it's quite strenuous, and I don't feel like I'd manage to also do aatw changes on top of my schedule. That's not a matter of time but rather of energy.

So, when/if things go more smoothly I'll return fully. For now, I'm just lurking.

I'm currently lurking in #21 as Bolle. I'll keep my tribe named like that. I'm not sure they won't kick me... but then Hoffmiester would be rude.

Bolle October 2016

I can also play the game that well that I'm already the top player in the alliance.

I've also made Hoffmiester elder in an attempt to appease him.

Michele October 2016

You wouldd be welcome with us bolle ^.^

Michele October 2016

I knew you were definatley back when all my scorceres started doing eachother ^.^

Tribe News
Time News Item
2016-10-21 15:00:00 In local news: 1,883 sorcerers died after they managed to contract syphilis while on duty.

Fancy that.. lets hope they werent all one gender ;)

Bolle October 2016

well that's what happens when you lock up all your sorcerers in the same tower. We all need our own ivory tower.. don't put us in the same one.

It probably doesn't help that you put the princess in her own tower, too.

Sanzo October 2016

Michele I thought you knew... The sorcerer race has only one gender

rEdL|nE October 2016

Bolle you suck.

Cecil October 2016

u were gone?[8)]

Pollito October 2016

Welcome back Joe [:D]

Bolle October 2016

Lol polli have you found cost yet?

@redline you too [heart]
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