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Watts -

Well they took away the post I paste where I told that I didn't care about the standard attacks. (I know I did wrong about posting the attacks on me). But I won't complain anymore and sry for disturbing you're time.

Sweets -


Yes - be sorry about posting intel you're not supposed to post. But don't be sorry for disturbing anyone! Everyone started out not knowing much, and EVERYONE in this game has made their fair share of noob mistakes, even long after they could no longer claim noob status!!!

We're happy to have you, and happy to reply to any of your questions or concerns. Hopefully you're the one soon explaining all you've learned to future Orkfians!


Pollito -

Watts. Thats what i tell the guys at the Bootcamp. You need to find yourself an active alliance regardless of exp. We were all new but, as long as youre willing to learn and listen youll be fine. Get yourself in an alliance where you can get backup. We all get attacked, spelled on, opped. But, you have to be patient and consistent. Be sincere and not rude. If you drop F Bombs you wont see the end of it. Just take it.

dumahz -

you can't post intel even if it's about attacks that have already passed? troops home and all?

Watts -- fake... perhaps a 1 for 1 is best. Fake, you saw what happened when 12 and 32 got out of hand like 2 weeks ago, my fault though ;)

I've learned the error of my ways! :P

Pollito -

You can post intel however you need to censor out the tribe name... I.e #xxx, #***... Etc. You cant reveal any tribe names.

Snow Avo -

I was unclear about that as well. People talk about past events...previous attacks, ops and such, even directly after. Since the armies of the opposed were already home and nothing could be gained from the knowledge, was it really wrong that he posted it?
I do understand that posting anything that would give other tribes any kind of advantage is wrong...super ultra mega wrong...but posting ones news that gives no advantage saying “Hey! These guys attacked the crap outta me and I feel wronged.”
At first I thought he was wrong for posting it too, but he didn't really do anything wrong. He just stated (in a really bad kinda way) that the alliance went to town on him.

Joe -

There were still armies out when he posted the tribe news.
Sweets is right :)

dumahz -

but sweets is a noob :P

Joe -

Noobs can be right too :P

dumahz -


Cecil -

and calling sweets a noob makes u a noob, as to posting info, even if its out of date info that still shows what builds a player is using and how much theyre willing to send out giving an advantage to any player that chooses to take advantage of it in the future

Darkwing -

you have no idea what someone is sending out looking at a flyover or at someones tribenews.

kalten -

who would be stupid enough to call sweets a noob???

robokop -

some dumb ass called dumahz

rEdL|nE -

ok ... new rule around here. I'm the only one allowed to call Sweets a newb!

Bolle -

and only you because everyone knows you're deranged and mental [:p]

rEdL|nE -

I don't like the words you've used. Let's use special from now on :P

Bolle -

let's go for mentally and otherwise disabled [;)]

rEdL|nE -

eh well, nothing good can come from dutchies :P

zelic -

except frikandellen.. they are lovely

dumahz -

you watch your mouth robo! :P

Pollito -

New rule: Im the only one who can tease ENDer about being Romanian :D

Cecil -

newer rule, if ur Romanian anyone can tease u

Fakesmile -

All of you guys know the dutch have 2 of the best things in the world (legally)[:D]

mazja -

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