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Lord Saggy -

One thing I think would be integral when moving forward and improving the game, is introducing signing up/on with social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.).
This results in one less step for new players when signing up/logging in, and also comes off as more secure - the only thing Orkfia holds is a token, no information about the person or their email, password, etc.

Another possible solution to making the game more social is new feed pushes. When a tribe kills another tribe during war - make it visible on their feed (with their permission, obviously).

hardar -


Mazzy, 6 hours ago

Hardar i object! You need to put at least one female in there! ;)

I thought elves count as female.

Cecil -

Ur thinking fairies

Sanzo -

i always suggested ork be more casual like farmville but no one ever listened [:D]

Bolle -

Chonka's suggestion to link it to social platforms seems like a very good way to attract players.

I'd just make it an option so you can also NOT link it.. duh.

Anyway, this might be the easiest, most effective method of attracting new players to aatw.

Cecil -

Forced conscription?

Mazzy -

I like the idea, but wasn't this suggested before and was researched as it may cost to do this? I may be wrong or confusing it with something else?

Sanzo -

Pretty much every single thing in these threads have been suggested before, Mazzy

Del -

I'd like to restart/kickstart the discussion for mobile/responsive parts of aatw.

How does everyone feel about the current menu on mobile? Does it work for most?

What other things may be lacking compared to other games of this genre in this sense?

I'm going to do some research in the next week or two, but I'm sure some of you have seen things I won't find.

DaBoss -

I play strictly on mobile devices. The part that would help the most I believe is if the time stays on the screen when you scroll down. This sometimes requires me to have two devices just to watch orkfia time since it's not exactly on with att's time.

One suggestion is to make out of war damage even less. This would allow tribes to at least relax unless they're in war. And maybe an exponential buildup of damage after war is declared rather than the current linear buildup. Giving tribes 4 hours of still relatively low damage even after war is declared.

On the mobile side, notifications if you have failed ops on you, this would allow you to log in and cast WOD or other options to try to protect yourself. This makes it easier to survive so you don't have to log in all the time to check if you're getting oped.

On the construction page allow the user to click on the toe of building and a pop up of the buildings uses and max % and production.

One thing people like is bonuses for logging in for periods of time. So for a daily bonus something small. Then for 3 days it gets bigger. Then 7 even better. Then it resets. Allow them to choose. Money, land, fame.

Make an alliance that the entire community must try to defeat. This would be a nice change of pace but you would want some storyline with it. This could be by using a race that nobody is using and remove the ability to use that race and have them run by the mods growing unless the community responds and kills them. This would have to be thought out a lot more. Just tossing out a few ideas.

Generals. Give them different abilities and allow them to level up and give different bonuses.

Sanzo -

Wow those are really shitty ideas and most of them have nothing to do with the topic. Post in the suggestions forum.
I see no problem with OOW damage besides the fact that it is too low.
I don't like the idea of notifications. No need to give people bonuses, just give them an achievement. A shinny medal on their gallery page. [8)] One thing I really admire about this game is the equality. Everyone starts with diddly-doo and needs to climb up on their own. No one can pay for bonuses to get an advantage [up]

As far as the staff alliance, encouraging co-op is not good either. People will have kill steals and that won't be good.

I am on mobile a lot too. If the clock skips just refresh the page.
But I do like the idea of the clock always showing - and bigger!

Also I have no idea what you meant concerning the construction page

Del -

Ok so Sanzo san: I guess you feel like we don't need to do any dev. I can just not spend time on it then if you think game is good to go. Also thanks for flaming the one person who gave feedback (today) [8)]

Anyway DaBoss:. I think the clock idea is a good one. I think we would need to figure out a way to have our clock JavaScript talk to our server and ask it what the time is each time someone stops (touch dragging) scrolling. Currently most browsers stop JS from running well (if at all) while touch is taking place. Javascript is what makes the numbers tick btw. That's why when you scroll down and scroll back up the clock is out of sync (as far as I can tell without looking at the code, which I can do later off work lol).

I think helpers for math for the construction page could help for sure. Less math in your head / app switching to calc. Also something I could actually code.

Sanzo -

I wasn't flaming. Just stating facts

Your job is to work on a mobile site or app, not rework the game so don't get ahead of yourself, asshole

Del -

Pretty sure I don't have an assigned task. If I do I'm mistaken. My goal is to improve mobile experience as it seems to be lower hanging fruit. Overall experience is the goal though, and the construction helper, would help people who are new and not used to tons and tons of (to them, arbitrary) math.

And - if you would refer to the To-Do List topic (the one we are chatting about here) almost all aspects of dev are directly related to the experience. Whether that be social integration, mobile ease of use, research (which includes asking what ifs, like DaBosses post), improving playerbase, general coding man power. So I would say I'm currently on track...

Sorry you think I'm an asshole, not sure what I did to you... I do appreciate that you at least gave reasons as to why you disagree, just didn't see a need for a personal attack in such a small community.

Sanzo -

uou are an asshole because you are accusing me of flaming or personal attacking.
Just because I have a different opinion doesn't mean it is flaming. But if you can't handle other people not agreeing with you maybe you need to grow up

Reworking the entire game is not a good idea and would take forever. Just do the small stuff. I don't wanna be playing OrkfiaVille

robokop -

Sanzo: I'm with Del on this one, you were right that a few of DaBoss's ideas weren't exactly on topic, but your reaction was WAY out of line, calling his ideas shitty was flaming, and then being such a dick to Del by saying
Quote: Sanzo
Your job is to work on a mobile site or app, not rework the game so don't get ahead of yourself, asshole

is not acceptable! Behave yourself a bit

Sanzo -

You're right i have too much passion for this game [:p]

Jamzi -

I am reposting this. Anyone who can help please pick a game from the list, post in this thread that you will go research it and then by 31st July 2015 please make a post telling us what you found out about that game. The goal here is to see what our rivals are offering now so we can see if there are any “easy-win” improvements we have not thought of, that we can implement and also to see what our “Unique Selling Point/s” may be.

Later (December 2015) we may use the information to go and actively recruit players from those games but don't do that part yet until we have sorted things out here a bit.

I am looking for a report back in the below format, it can literally just be a few sentences:

A) Do you have to download any software to play? (if answer is yes then report on here and quit that game as it is in a different category to AatW).
B)If answer to A is no - do you have to pay anything for any perks in the game and is there any advertising? (if so explain)
C) How many players are there roughly?
D) What is better+worse than AatW about that game?


List of games to research:

Medieval Europe
Rogue Vampires
Immortal Day
The Grail Lords
Reign of Blood
Kingdom Forge
Worlds at War

DaBoss -

I'll look into this one

Sanzo -

I vote to have advertising, and in adbertise on other sites.
The only new players we get are returning ones that are feeling nostalgic. We need a way to get our name out there.

Then comes the problem of keeping the new players

hardar -

Before you get new players you need something to show them. Else you'll get bad review.

I'm picking mobster 2030 and will make a report after a few days.

Pollito -

SanzFriedChicken, 1 hour ago

I vote to have advertising, and in adbertise on other sites.
The only new players we get are returning ones that are feeling nostalgic. We need a way to get our name out there.

Then comes the problem of keeping the new players

In that case, we need to have a Tutorial Mode with snips of Jamzi Nudes, like when you sign up, you get a certain pic, then when you make a tribe an join an alli you get another pic, by the time the player is finish he will have at least 10 Jamzi Nudies...

Gits -

Well, I play this game called:

SWCombine, there we have sites we can vote on to get points called Combine points (CP's).

Maybe adding Ork to the list in the voting sites might get a few people to join us and see what Ork is about. Although, personally I say first thing that needs to happen is fix the game. Then worry about advertising once the game is set-up. Reason being is u don't want to advertise a game that is shitty and not good.

IMO, I think the following needs to be tackled in this order and maybe thrown in between other things I might have forgotten.

#1. Get the people that are going to be staff identified. Remove people who are no longer willing to invest time to help. Assign them to a different departments within Ork. Then assign tasks. For example, have Ops go over every single suggestion in the suggestion forum and compile a list of priorities. Same with the bug base. Then start with a meeting, post the list in the order that is priority and start tackling it.

#2. Lower the ally base to 6 or 4 or make it 1 vs 1 or something as it's been suggested before.

#3. Fix the way we do war as the current one is not good due to the fact that there is not many top allies, most allies are slacking, hence growth is more in demand than kills due to lower player-base. Once we get 100+ people again, then stuff can be done to accommodate say 8 tribes and so forth.

#4.Then fix the races, I mean we all know what is op atm and what is not. Not only that but by this time, y'all should know the way the game is going to head in terms of amount of people per ally, the warring system and so forth. So, it would be easier to identify potential changes to races to make it even or somewhat.

#5. Then fix the way ops are, since you already should have fixed by this point the warring system and the races.

#6. Make the phone app working and easier to handle on phones.

#7. Then let's start bringing people back. (Marketing). You don't want to market a broke product.

You can't cook a meal, without the chicken and sides. Thus, imo the above is a good start in order to get things done. You don't want to Market a broke product. [8)]

Jamzi -

Thanks a lot DB and Freddy - much appreciated and if we can get more like you we will get more info coming in faster :) :)

Let's add SWcombine to that list to research - or do you already know it enough to write the short report (answering questions I posted above) Gits? I agree with your points and your order of work. I won't be pushing for us to do any advertising until about Sept at the earliest most likely. I don't want to spend too much effort advertising (in whatever form we decide which has not been discussed yet) until we fix things up a bit.

If my plan comes off then I expect a big push around Dec (before people are off for Xmas/New Year with time on their hands). Also I told myself if things are still the same by Dec '15 I will quit completely myself so this is what is spurring me to get on with it, since I don't want to quit but there are only so many times you can flog a dead horse ;)

Currently we are only on point number #1. I aim to have it resolved by end of July 2015. In staff forum I am trying to work out how many staff members we actually have firstly and what their “job” is. Then I hope to fill in any gaps by reallocating/extending duties of existing staff that want it, so we have the key areas covered.
I am also trying to find out if there is a staff Code of Conduct or similar (like there is for players). If not I plan on making one, with input from the staff and players.

Lastly, I want to sort out the structure of routines. Eg. a once an age staff meeting of some kind (IRC for 1.5hrs roughly every 6 weeks on 2 weeks notice). What is the flow of what happens when a player reports a suspected cheat? How do we take in/trust new staff members? Some kind of standard for each of those kind of things to make things fair and consistent no matter who is deciding. Part of this is also having enough people covering all the tasks so if one goes AWOL, a replacement happens within an age.

Gits -

Yeah I already know enough to do some sort of write-up. I agree by December as well, as the current players probably only here for 2 things, friends and hoping fot changes.

You doing a great job heading shit up. Some players might not acknowledge your work and the rest of the admins, but they see things and that is a good sign to wait for admins to fix this crap. .
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