Recruitment (and Merge Rules)

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Moderator_Jamzi -

[Edited merge rules 05/02/2016 for Resets]

If you would like to recruit team-mates into your alliance or if you are looking for an alliance to join, please post in here.

It is good to include what you are looking for and what you can offer potential team-mates. You can click on nicknames to message individuals who respond.

Merge (changing alliance) Rules
1. no moving alliance during war
2. no moving alliance during the final week of the age.
3. Elder must agree to the merge (in addition to the tribe merging)

To place a request to merge after agreeing with your future alliance-mates, go to Tools menu above, select “options” and then “request merge”.

If the system doesn't let you merge then just send a message to alliance #3 and we will merge you if the above 3 steps are fulfilled.

Instructions on how to report to staff are in below video if needed.

This thread will be moderated.

d0nc35 -

how long it takes to join a new ally after merge request accepted ?

Jamzi -

however long it takes a member of Ops staff to log in, check the merge tool and press the “ok” button. We have 4 people in ops from a couple of time zones so it's usually pretty fast but at times of holidays or laziness can be 24hrs I guess..

Anyway hint taken I will have a look and do it if not already done ;)

Jamzi -

check world and game forums if you're looking for an alliance (anyone) - there are several threads recruiting for specific alliances :)

Scarlet -

Recruiting again :)

Smokey -

Recruiting one tribe to fill my alliance. Pm me if interested.


Mistro -

Currently there are only 3 8 man alliances.


BUT there are plenty of quite strong 2-5 man alliances.

I would like to take some of the active and motivated players from those smaller alliances and put together an active 8 man alliance for next (or a future) age.

If there are any people out there active and interested in fighting to break the monopoly these alliances currently hold please PM me throughout this age and i will assess how viable it is.

Experience not neccesary, happpy to act as a mentor. Pretty good at all aspects of the game except for surviving an age.

Activity should be 2-4 log ins a day minimum ideally. Im a sad person who logs in off my mobile every time im bored/take a toilet break/procrastinate at work/wanna look busy.

Smokey -

125 won last age, so there is no monopoly. :)

Mistro -

I refer you to my line that says, there are some very strong 2-5 man alliances out there.

I want to create an 8 man full active alliance for war and killing. Not a 3 man alliance that can farm land well :P

Buffy -

We do everything well, we kill we grow we attack and we win. We have won 3 of the last 6 ages or so :p

Mistro -

Then i will ahppily include you in the top alliances monopoly i wish to break :D

Mistro -

CD recruiting 2. Activity key experience not necessary.

Bring your enthusiasm and love for the game to an experienced and seasoned alliance. Happy to offer coaching and mentoring.

Key attributes sense of humour and willingness to learn combined with activity.

Virchue -

#40 are good dudes. They showed me the ropes last age and I had a lot of fun. I learned a lot with them and am now captaining my own Alliance (despite it only being my second full age). I highly recommend the experience.

Smokey -

Looking for 2 active or even daily players to join an established alliance (#14). Please PM one of the elders if you're looking to join.

Player 2 -

looking for alli hmu

Lil Britty -

As fun as it’s been being in a smaller alliance, I too am looking to join a larger alliance next age.

PheNom -

We got room in our alli, i guess u know which one.

You can always choose to merge now :D

Will also give some benefit for u as for us :D

Gits -

Dont make it dramatic. Just say it.[:)]

PheNom -

Never... Find me.

Rudy -

Might have room for one more. PM

Noodle -

#10 is looking to bolster our ranks, pm me if interested[heart]

orkfan -

looking for 2 active ppl

Scarlet -

Looking for alli.

Recruit me senpai.

Sanzo -

Join ultimate slacker alliance. That’s right I mean Reborn (#24)

Smokey -

Why slack when you can become a Professional in #19?

WayHigh -

hey im not new but i havnt played in about 2 years just started today il be active if i have fun in a good alliance . most of you should know who i am

message me if you want me can change race if needed i can play A/M/T #15 WayHigh
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