The Player: A Short Life

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Arnau was a young lad who wanted to conquer all. All he had to do was turn 16, and then he'd gain control of his kingdom and wage war with any in his path. The anniversary of his birth was coming close, and he decided to take a title for the special occasion. He cast his old name, “Arnau,” aside, and begot the title, “The Player.”

Lounging around, endlessly waiting, surprise was written over his face when his advisors spoke, “It's time, Leader.” It was a month earlier than he expected, but he was prepared. He amassed everyone in his kingdom, citizens and military, and held a speech. “Everyone! It's time to bring glory to this kingdom! Are all of you ready?!” *cheering from the crowd* “Onward to victory!”

The Player preferred silent attacks, so the enemy never know he's coming. Immediately after his short speech, he sent a detachment of his military to nearby lands, conquering them easily. He kept sending them out as soon as they returned, wearing them down with exhaustion. Advisors warned him that they needed to rest, even though the attacks spanned for months. Gritting his teeth, he allowed it.

A year passed and he looked upon all of the lands around him, proud that he has risen above them. But what's that? He saw a herd of Pokemon chasing after him. Rumors met his ear that he'd earn a badge if he conquered one, so he prepared his forces.

The day has come. The day that would leave The Player as the greatest in the world. His skin prickled with excitement as he sent all of the military he had at the closest Pokemon. What he didn't expect in his naïveté was the Pokemon not falling before his strong hand. It attacked back, with friends. How is this possible?! It wasn't long before he fell to these vile creatures, leaving only whispers of his greatness through out time.

Only one person knew of The Player on a personal level. A young Templar named Guillaume had his heart break after hearing of his brother's death. Only younger by a few years, he decided to take up his brother's cause and avenge him. Crusading until he is powerful enough to conquer the wretched Pokemon.

Guillaume takes his late brother's title, “The Player,” and a legacy is born.

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hahaha! (sorry it was a sad story so know I shouldn't laugh really but..yeah). I am having a dull travelling day and that cheered my afternoon up considerably. Great writing [up]

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“If you wish to kill me... hate me, detest me, and survive in an unsightly manner. Run, run and cling to life. Then some day, when you have the same eyes as mine, come before me.”

- Itachi Uchiha
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