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hardar -

On ios10 the tribe main page overview text is on the wrong lines

Screen capture please.

Kovenant -

Ios10, forum 2nd page (this page) the black bottom bar hovers over your forum post.
I can only see the quote you made.

In the black bar there is “chat” “mail” “forum” “logout”

Kappa -

The menu bar on the left has quite a lot of quirks to it. Here's a bug? that I found.

Mouse-over Actions.
Double click Actions make the submenu pop up and stay there.
Mouse over Alliance and Tribe
> The submenu doesn't update when mousing over Alliance and Tribe.
Single click Actions again to make the submenu popup disappear
> Now when you mouse over Actions again, nothing pops up

Kovenant -

On mobile ios10
Alliance overview shows fame and acres but not strength.

hardar -


rEdL|nE -

what about moving all the relevant info on the left side and keep extras on the right. for instance on the construction page, you could gimme the info that it costs xx crowns and xx logs per acre on the right side and the actual buildings on the left one so that I don't have to move my mouse too far away from the menu. It's already annoying to use a mouse

hardar -

That's a good idea.

Smokey -

Return to construction broken after constructing buildings, please fix.

gonzo -

On mobile if there is a second page in a posted topic, such as this one, the bottom toolbar with the “chat” “mail” and “forum” is in the middle of the page overtop of the replies making it impossible to read any of the replies. The black box of the bottom toolbar extends all the way down to “reply to topic”

Works fine when not on mobile.

Let me know if this is not understood.

c0ckatrice -

do to the new page set up it makes it harder to play this game i will be deleting my acount at the end of this week thanx for the fun sorry everyone

Kovenant -

Hardar u got alot of work, u can make all the magic still happen with a smile?
Everything looking good and great on mobile i lile it!
(Didnt test on desktop yet)

hardar -

Sorry for you c0ckatrice, hope you'll somehow figure out how to play again in the future, have fun.

Bolle -

Somehow it feels easier to move up and down with the mouse than it is to move left and right, as the new interface requires.

thedritpwnskkkk -

Somehow it feels easier to move up and down with the mouse than it is to move left and right, as the new interface requires.

And if I want to do something lower on the menu the natural desire to take the shorter path makes me lose the menu altogether.

rEdL|nE -

I get the staff tab highlighted - that shouldn't be the case for non-staffers

dagyrox -

The forums use 1 column for poster name and 1 for the post, which also includes the posters name. Can we cut that first column out? Mobile, Android.

d0nc35 -

To view tribe stats like crowns etc,
In the top there is a tiny blue arrow pointing down if you press it it collapses open.
Might be handy to put some text besides it?

i saw that little, very little, blue triange and already click it if any happen, but nothing happen. same as with the logout button..

im ini my laptop now. i dont like the color and maybe its better if tribe stats is always show.

d0nc35 -

ouch.. need scroll up to the top just to logout [:s]

Kappa -

Great to see that you've already fixed the submenu pop up staying visible as you move your mouse to it.

You're probably already aware, but the sticky alliance forum topics have the same 'icon' as the non-sticky post.

Also, unless I'm missing something, it's hard to tell which topic has a new post since there's no visual cues - you have to look at the time of the last post in each topic. I'm not sure if it's easily implemented, but it'd be nice to have either the topic title or the topic icon change color when there's an unread post in it.

full -


Simo -

I found some features useful in previous layout missing in new layout:
- Main menu (Tribe, Alliance...) should be clickable and go in Tribe, Alliance page etc..
- Military Page: units to be trained is not clickable anymore

c0ckatrice -

can we get the op to load the old layout i realy dont wanan stop playing but if this new layout is for good then im gone

Scarlet -

Cannot type in textarea on mobile when part of it leaves screen. Text is invisible and doesn't post.
Broken image

Pasting text allows me to get around this.

Also, on lower res phones the orkfia mobile and logout result in over 1/3 of screen being taken by header / footer. Not sure if intended,but leaves little real estate .

Otherwise mobile so far is saweeeeet!

Scarlet -

Also, images aren't constrained to 100%, so they shrink forum to itty bitty

HaRRy -

Awesome job!

It still needs some work but I know what a massive work it must have been. A scalable layout has been on the wishlist for a very long time.

Keep in mind that any design change takes weeks to get used to. And there are a lot of quick wins available that will really make this layout much better than the old one.
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