Age 95

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Virchue -

Just want to say... despite the controversy and everything I had a lot of fun this age.

Thank you #26 for preventing the runaway. I really hope no cheating was involved but we went back at our logs and when our Balrog was killed Peach Fuzzed opped his homes the same hour, VERY fishy. Also, we should have killed Smokey, but we're too noob.

#125 and #23, Damn you guys can grow. Heck of a finish. Can't believe the disappointing lag we experienced yesterday, the brute force growth we put in in the past 12 hours and then Juranimosity and BC by #23 that finished us off. Well played and fun race.

#16 is not participating in next age. And I as the leader may never play again... caught way too much wife aggro playing this game. Just want to say thanks, had a blast and made some good friends along the way. 70% of the time we're super noob anyway, the other 30% though we are pure gold.

Good luck and Happy Holidays

Virchue -

53 acres! too funny

orkfan -

Gl dave

Smokey -

Yea, thieves out is always a risk, good damage btw.

Good luck out there, I hope you find the time to return.

Bulby -

Well if your stuff was Hit by peach's don't feel alone..he apparently was banging 23 more than anything.. according to an administrator was hitting mostly odd times and not at most of the kill time..but sooner or later jumped in on more than one try and Hit our guys as well.. also according to an administrator was mostly doin earthquake And meteors not homes.. just a seriously loose cannon without much direction.. The kill try that they thought was Co opping was almost an hour before our try and The spy who did intel thought it was residual waste from war as we jumped right at conclusion.. also we were poised for kill Try when 23/125 broke out..we learned a lesson to never change off original plan again.. other war going on or not

Alias -

good game all and best of luck to you, Virchue, in your gaming and personal lives! [up]

Jolten -

Amazing job. #23 sweet baby Jesus you guys are impossible to hold off

Woodrow -

Not sure I play this time.. I don't no how to tell who is special.. If I new gay on 125 was special I would not burn him up.. this confuse me .. If my boss says Hit this guy.. I do.. If he says no target I hit every guy I can. It's war game I thawt..why guys don't like to attach it war game..

Lil Britty -

Special thanks to Virchue for taking a bunch of rookies and leading us through a few solid ages. There are a couple of us in 16 who will be returning, we may not be large again for a while [:)] but we love the game [up]

Bulby -

message alliance 26 woodrow there may be a spot for you

Player 2 -

Age 95 was quite fun, was a close race at the very end.

Cool to get the chance to use some unconventional strategies to get over the line.

Best of luck in Age 96!
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