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Tukk -

Dramatic changes to the game like this “Special Age” should be polled for all Orkfians to vote yes or no. Lots of disinterested ppl for the age to come, but it good down time [up]

RoniDUDI -

And what’s even up with infra research cost you more military upkeep?
You invest and it gets more expensive? Who even came with that idea???

Sanzo -

The decision for a shorter age was made to put the ages on a fixed schedule.
After age 107 is complete, all ages will run from the 1st of the month to the 28th of the month.

Scarlet -

Just to clear up something that may have been confusing, as we got a question about it.

Q: Vampires cannot be killed (by any means) does that still apply against the mortality spell?


A: No, they can be killed with mortality spell active

Guide will be / has been updated to be more clear (states they're immortal)
Thanks tommies for the question.
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