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Noodle -

It’s not smart to threaten everyone in the game like that @slinzer, just saying from exp

Tukk -

“Just stay away” in a fucking game you serious you fucking clown

Monkey -

Do you remember last age when we had 1 HE and you had 2. And you can go look at the rankings how that age turned out.

Tukk -

Last age you had. 1 HE 1 Dwarf 2 Uruk [:|].

Monkey -

Yeh. Exactly 1 HE. So HE aint the issue. We crush you regardless of races.

Tukk -

HE is the issue. You play all the races that are imbalanced. Why no dwarf this age? Why all 3 HEs? You know why so stop beating around the bush. Your arrogance here feels like you we're raped in all your other games haha. Little child

Monkey -

Not about arrogance this is just fact.

Yeh true we do look at the races being put out and then decide what is the most likely combo to win and we play it.

But we do NOT balance the game. Spotting what is strong and what is weak is part of the game. Making the correct strategic decisions is part of the game. You can blame whatever you want. You had a chance to win this age. You flushed it down the toilet. Got destroyed and now complain that we picked HE.

if you look back I even argue against how HE might be strong. But raven is just as strong you guys just don't know how to play it.

Nah we won the other game as well. And there people actually were a challenge. Just as before in this game. I miss the real 40 or 20. I miss 125 with all guys playing. And probably before we came you guys had great players here. Sadly right now it's just “vets” with 0 clue about the game or people slacking.

Boats -

Keep the cussing to a zero please.

Most of you are not teenagers so at least act mature to argue a point in a public forum.[up]

Monkey -

Only one person who cant be civil.

Peanut -

Nah monkey your name says it all you arent civil at all you poke claim high horse and yet your just a guy behind a phone being a dick.

Monkey -

You have the right to your own opinion. If it makes you feel better to label me as that I am totally fine with that.

Your name suits you as well though :)
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