Age 115 Changes (draft)

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Sanzo -

Preliminary changes mistakenly posted in another thread.

Age Changes

UI Changes
Stay logged in (Done)

Quick Sell soldiers to market
Place below logs quick sell
Add Top Tribe to middle column
Add Code of conduct above logout on right column

Death now grants 1 land per month alive, instead of 2.

Gains Formulas
Broken image
=IF(TargetLand/SourceLand < 0.8, ((TargetLand+0.2)/SourceLand)^4, IF(TargetLand/SourceLand > 1.2, ((SourceLand+0.2)/TargetLand)^2, 1))

Move to a standardized global size mod formula. This will remove the “bottomfeeder penalties” and instead give a gradual curve.
This formula will be posted on the attacks page and will apply to all attacks:
Pillage Resource Gains
Standard Grab Land Gains
Commandeer Bonus Land Gains
Raid Land Gains (and as a result, resource gain)

Thievery Base Rates Overhaul (Smokey)
Poison Water 80-> 85
Arsenic 85 -> 90
Arson 70 -> 80
Wildfire 70 -> 80
Intrigue 70 -> 80
Thieves Rebellion 70 -> 80
Hwighton Raid 75 -> 85
Ambush 100 (unchanged)
Mine Walls 70 -> 80
Cut Supply 70 -> 80
Engineered Explosives 70-> 80

TP Cost Alterations
Survey base TP cost 18 -> 12 (same as TT)


Human Synergy
Destroyed buildings give 5 RP (from 20)

Owl out, Wood Elf in.
Wood Elf
+25% TP regeneration rate
+25% maximum thief plans
+50% damage on Intrigue

Slinger 0/0 100cr
Woodrider 5/0 600cr
Druid 0/6 600cr
Tree Ent 0/9 1275cr
Grassrunner 0/1 150cr

(@ max, only change is basic cost)

Marauder 2/6 1175cr -> 1000cr
Each building destroyed by thievery grants 4000 crowns (up from 2000)

Assasin 3/1 375 -> 325cr

Hammer Smasher 5/0 400cr -> 350cr
Remove: Cannot build homes (homes hold 90)

High Elf
Sage 5/0 450cr -> 400cr
Add: Each point of fame grants 0.001% reduced damage from attacks (Max 50%)

ML = 5+ TPA Home + 1/2 TPA sent if higher than academies.

Green Dragon 6/0 250cr -> 300cr
Red Dragon 14/3 -> 12/4

Bolle -

Trying to undermine other staff to the players? Did you ask those other guys in your alliance to talk shit about me as well (then delete so it would look like my doing) ? [8)]

You probably think I am power tripping. I guess there's no way to change your mind so I won't bother.
You are temporarily removed from staff, until you can control your emotions.

Being part of dev is about serving the community, not ramming through everything that YOU want.

~ Sanzo

Undermine other staff? Just you honestly.

Bolle -

I'm missing your message to Scarlet here, I believe it said something like fuck off.

Bolle -

Also you didn't want these changes so why post them? That's just cruel, to allow us a glimpse of what could have been

Kairon -

Honestly guys.. this game is a disappointment now. I used to love this game so much but it's so fkin toxic now. Most of the remaining players are half of what they used to be.. the staff especially.

From my point of view Sanzo you literally sit there idly watching events unfold and then when it suits you ya step in and do exactly as you have just done. In general in the years I've played ive known of you. I dont believe I ever played alongside you. I've always thought of you as a funny guy and relatively responsible and you stand up or for whatever it is you believe is right but lately you've gotten lazy.

Scarlet, man I appreciate all the work you still put into this game but I still feel like you don't take into consideration as a whole the community opinions even if it is but a few players, for the most part you do a fantastic job but there's just some times over the last year or so where it seems to me anything said by a few was completely ignored.

Bolle. I consider you a good friend and I believe I've said this to you in the past.. you had the power to atleast try to make a difference when it came to development and or age changes.. you've been on the staff team for as long as I can remember and I believe you could have done something to change the direction we are all heading but you chose to let the other staff do their thing.. until recently anyway

I may not know the full story in fact I know I'm missing more then half of it but this sh*t has gone on for too long. Staff members don't do much other then age changes anymore.. Most of the guys I play or played with don't even want to play anymore because the game is now repetitive and boring. The same 3-4 alliances beating and bullying each other until they get bored . Bring in minimum 3 man alliances drop the 8man to 6man and stop being total dipshits in the forum ffs it's not that hard. I'm hanging around for next age then I'm likely to quit if nothing changes. I can think of 3-5 others that wouldn't be far behind.. That's basically 1/4 of the active player base right there [8)]

ScorpiAS -

droping the max ally size to 6 brings alot of other stuff. Like balancing spell/thief damage. Its balanced about right now but if we drop the alliances to 6 you will need to increase damage if there are any kills to happen

Sanzo -

Great job starting a fire Bolle [8)]

Bolle -

That's what's necessary if the leadership is resistant to the necessary changes

Sanzo -

It’s not necessary.
Stop overdramatizing things

Bolle -

Yes it is. The game has been plagued by these issues since forever and I always wondered why we didn't do something about it. Tricky part was always finding the proper measures. Now that I figured out you don't have to ban or reset but simply to draw clear boundaries and punishments plus add some in-game stimuli like fireballs or acres destroyed, well, now it's entirely possible to guide player behaviour in this gray area.

Turns out you and Boats don't like that and prefer the Wild West. Well, I don't, I like a competition where you can say, yeah, we won cuz we deserved it, not because some multi or solo or other alliance helped get a kill.

Apparently that's unreasonable to ask and totally unnecessary.

But it is necessary.
And it's never been tried.
And the game certainly hasn't grown under the old system.

In fact, trust in LnO is essential for players. It's a severe lack of that trust that caused them to delete. A lack of trust that I consider well-founded on multiple ages of experiences.

And yeah, that lack of trust? That's when administrators step down even though it's not their fault.

This is moreso the case if the department governs fair play.

Sanzo -

Your argument makes no sense whatsoever.
I realized from the moment you posted my comments on game talk that you were starting a Machiavellian operation to get rid of me. Lucky (or unlucky) for you, two of your teammates rage quit. More cannon fodder for you.

Game overhauling does not increase the player base, you only lose people who are unhappy with the new game.

How about you focus your efforts into promoting the game and recruiting new players. We desperately need an app, some kind of referral thingy, a more user friendly website, simplified gameplay, less calculator usage, in-game attack calculator, in-game kill calculator, in-game construction helper...

Oh but someone hit you in war so I guess you need to change the whole game dynamic. Nevermind

Bolle -

Yeah, no.

Noodle -

We lost 4 people not just the 2 that everyone knows cause they voice themselves in forums.
And we’re losing another end of age[cry]

Bolle -

In fact, first thing I did when I got back was ask for my staff access to be removed. I asked this two or three times over the course of three ages. Instead, you gave me more powers because you liked the unasked for input I gave on the discussions.

Guess you don't like my input anymore.

Anyone who knows me knows I've always done what's best for the game as head of Dev, and never took advantage of my position.
As Lord of Dev I was always careful to listen to the community. In fact, I quit as Lord of Dev all of a sudden because of burnout from teaching and getting a gf - the game demanded too much of my time. It was quite rude of me to just drop out like that. I'm married now, so I picked up the game again, just for fun.

I play a few ages, the game looks good, there've been nice major improvements but the race balancing is way off.
I fix those issues with the help of other Dev members.
I note a major issue here, then there, but these aren't dealt with.
I compile the lot and instead of just dumping it all in a list and ragequitting, I make a list of necessary changes with the argumentation for why.
I post it, get positive feedback, it gets incorporated partly in the changes for the next age.
Sanzo shows up, shoots it all down in the most rude fashion. I publicly publicize this outrageous behaviour without regard for my own staff access - since, as said before, I do not care, I just help improve the game.
Sanzo takes away my staff access.
I confront Sanzo.
He says it's my Machiavellian scheme to take control of the game.

I raise my hands in astonishment and am like, well, you fear what you'd do.

edit: to be clear, I'm strictly separating the game issues here from the behaviour issues. I've heard you ran multi's as Sanzo, Gonzo and Scheub(?) and ran a discord chat with bulby (who had 5 multi's). I heard Jolten paused the lot of you, then left for personal reasons. I think that's plainly shit behaviour from y'all and don't see how you'd ever stay or go LnO after that, let alone run the whole game. But yeah, you lose all trust as head of LnO that way.
Thing is, I wasn't there, so I don't know the facts. So I don't know FOR SURE, even though from what I've heard from people who earned my trust, it seems extremely likely to me, say 90%+. I rechecked their suspicions, looked for potential misunderstandings, and there were none. They ran a covert operation to expose you all, infiltrated the discord chat and finally reported your asses.
Well, that's the drama from that side.

So here's what I understand. With all that drama, why not make it nearly impossible to coordinate like that? By giving warnings and resetting tribes after the third warning? By making the game perform automatic punishments on actions? What is there to lose from preventing such drama, drama that makes people quit?

There is none. Except if you like to perpetrate such drama or like to manipulate the game through multi's and secret discord networks.
Since you're all so eager to do the latter, and use the strongest terms and means possible to ensure it, I can only conclude, with 100% certainty, that you ARE in fact the despicable person you are made out to be. And that is a shame, cause I liked you. In fact, I sent you a PM when I got back and saw you ran things.

Here it is:

I had a few questions. Just curious. Also, the game looks cool, lots of little things added. It's nice to keep the game fresh. I dunno how the playing experience is atm ofc.

Is IRC still used?

What has the game population done over the past years? Steadily declined as before?

I saw inactives in the staff alliance. Are they deliberately not moved / is their staff power deliberately not removed? It looks good for a game if staff isn't shown to be inactive. It's an option to (just visually) move all inactive staff members to a Retired staff alliance until they pop up again (if ever).

I'm back at least temporarily. Just thought I'd check out the game. It's as cool as ever, been wasting an hour already now just reading up.

I had a burn-out as a teacher ~1.5 years ago (it's a pretty regular occurrence for starting teachers unfortunately) but seem to be getting on my way to recovery. Might pick teaching up again later.

I also got married, so that's nice [:D][heart]

How are you (and everyone else) doing?

~ Bolle (#21)

2018-11-19 15:18:00

I'll just leave this here. It speaks for itself.

And yeah, I'm Bolle in #33 so feel free to perform Diplomacy on me if you agree! I like gifts.

Kairon -

How about you focus your efforts into promoting the game and recruiting new players. We desperately need an app, some kind of referral thingy, a more user friendly website, simplified gameplay, less calculator usage, in-game attack calculator, in-game kill calculator, in-game construction helper

What's the point? If staff can't get over their own egos and work together to fix this unbalanced and presently broken game?

gonzo -

I am not a multi and never have been a multi nor has anyone ever had access to my account. I also never hit into wars or target anyone that has already been hit. I yell at alliance mates that do that too.

I have also never been paused.

Just wanted to clear that up. I don't believe in cheating for a game. I just enjoy orkfia and want it to survive.

Boats -

Well a couple of facts Bolle. I am not saying that eliminating the chance to coop by not allowing the chance for war interference is not a good thing. I think it be great, but because there is a but, your Alliance in 33 (with the exception of a few people to include Pasta) are childish idiots that seem to piss others off by talking out of their ass (this is a proven fact btw). Then when others retaliate, they get upset and cry a river that it's coop. No it aint coop its that their dirty ass mouths making others retal in a way to piss them off.

Yet the question is does this happen only to 33? The answer is No. It happens to all allies even the solo ones. Then is correcting the problem with war interference the issue? Not in my personal opinion.

Personally, I think that Dev needs to focus on Dev stuff and have a democracy Vote with the head being the final factor to say yes or no.

But, this stuff between you two is petty as hell just saying. [8)]

Noodle -

The problem is it’s way to easy to communicate with friends in big or small alliances, there’s no way around that, the coop I hate as do the majority of all of us except the few who has exploited it in the past, regardless of who has done it and who has not, the only way to track it is through in game mail. A lot of it is here say while some be true.

Heck I could text **** and he could easily take a snap of the intel/fo whatever it is and send or receive it, I really don’t know a lot about lno and don’t even know the chain of command for who is higher on the totem pole, I know we all would be pissed if this game just stopped, I only know a few admins.
I know way back when I’d get a message from sebula saying that I oped a tribe that was in war and my actions were being monitored for war interference, I got paused until that war was over. I refuse to join a discord chat, regardless of potential great things that could come of it. But it’s exploited to much, I’ve seen way to many pics of convos asking for coop and lets gang up on ***** tribe in **#
Things must be considered, I’ve already lost 4 close friends this age due to in game issues, and a good 4-5 previous ages.
As for a vote a majority vote on some things, like let’s get the ball rolling let’s get what few people we have left to have an input..I agree with @boats and bolle on that and other points. Not that my opinion matters much but I’ve been here for a long time..seen a lot of crap good and bad I’m not saying we drop the hammer on tribes, but as an example that spirit that was top tribe first week of the age, he got banned paused whatever, there needs to be better policing with this stuff, again I’m just soggy pasta but I feel some stuffs gotta change, and yea Sanzo is the head one atm and people will always question the authority, look at the flack we gave jolten and sweets for yrs,
we’ve all got people we like and dislike in the game but as long as we have the diversity and people with creative ideas I feel those people should be an admin, but again what do I know.
I really don’t understand squat about coding and stuff. I think we need more considerate and harsher guidelines for info sharing..
Again I don’t wanna leave I enjoy this game but I’m up for change but we should vote....

To all the admins thank you for keeping the game going as long as you have.. I hope it continues [heart]

Sanzo -

I’ll respect whatever the players as a whole want.

As far as age changes go, I think Scarlet does a fantastic job and is very meticulous. Although it is true I don’t agree with him on a lot of things.

Btw Bolle that is an interesting work of fiction [8)] If you’d call me an ass and/or lazy I would have to agree with you, but your coop/multi story never happened.

Boats -

Heck I could text **** and he could easily take a snap of the intel/fo whatever it is and send or receive it, I really don’t know a lot about lno and don’t even know the chain of command for who is higher on the totem pole, I know we all would be pissed if this game just stopped, I only know a few admins

Pasta I am an admin in another game with 2700 and change players. This is what every game is going thru. Nowadays with the technology we have at our finger tips it's hard as hell to prove coop. One thing is certain if we increase tribes 3 min, it will drastically reduce and offer the opportunity to war them perps

Noodle -

Before I know sweets and a few other admins got caught for running multis etc. These people left because of it. Least I assume as I only vaguely remember the instances I was involved in a few conversations with jolten and sweets and robokop before he left there was a lot of accusations at that time. Some true some not.
We lost a lot of good players due to the accusations.
Yes boats I agree that 3 man minimum is a must. I’m not personally sold on the 6 man though that’s a lot of coding to do to go to a 6 man.
I getcha about today’s technology and all, but it’s not just tukk and peanut saying about the needed change, was kman, Mazda, saura , phenom, fisk etc saying there needs to be some changes.
I get it that’s a shit load of work but it needs to start somewhere.... unless I’m just way off base and delusional

Boats -

Actually, sweets left due to reasons just like Jolt.

If change is what you all want. It has to be drastic to bring the flavor. For a 6 man ally, it would indeed take a lot. Coding things Would chanhe obviously but its doable. We went from 12 to 8. So 8 to 6 should be easier. At least imo

Bolle -

am not saying that eliminating the chance to coop by not allowing the chance for war interference is not a good thing. I think it be great,

Thanks! That's what I'm asking for.

Sanzo -

I guess you want war blocking and no multiple wars?

Scarlet -

Along the lines of
- War interference is punished by a 30% chance on fireball per spell / op

Bolle -

Multiple wars is fine as long as the alli in 2 wars can surrender one right away.
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