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Kairon -

I know thieves cop a lot of shit war wise but this to me seems ridiculous

With 3 ticks regen a thief dropped a targets mana by 3/4 with around 20 ops *edit* (successful ops another 10 or so failed, cbf posting tribe news)
Target has ghs so I imagine without ghs 3 ticks regen tp would have dropped 100% mana on its target

That's op as fk

Smokey -

Hwighton Raid
Destroys opponent's mage power.

Destroys 4% of opponent's maximum mana
Difficulty: Hard

If you have a recon + Truth's Eye that may help. Feel free to post in the Bug section and please use the <admin></admin> tags for any intel.

Bolle -

U got any thief def Kairon?

Kairon -

I had 8% ghs [:D]

I know hwighton raid and I read up on it but he took 75% of my mana with 3ticks tp regen.. it takes 8 hours for my mana to be full and he can rip through it in 2-3 hours.. It's unbalanced
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