Good luck everybody

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Boats -

I came to a decision that I am quitting Ork. For how long? I am not sure but I think there has to be alot of improvements across the board.

Changes made to better the game experience, increase the overall satisfaction of players and most of all stop the plain hate, disconent and dictatorship of some players, as I believe that its a major factor in the decline in player base from alot of good players.

Its been a pleasure to have fought with some of my old guys, as well as fought against the rest of the vets.

Thanks for the good times.


PeepingTom -

Good luck old buddy. I'll be seeing you around somewhere I'm sure.

Noodle -

What noooo why you leaving me

Scumbag -

If you leave, that won't help the game...!
STAY !!!

Full -

2019-09-0819:57:59»« Dusty Bottoms deleted his or her .Wtf

Noodle -

Why’d he leave?? I missed something

Sanzo -

Must want a new tribe ID# so he can hide [evilgrin]

Bolle -

Cuz Sanzo was being an ass to him noodle.

Pretty much like he is in this thread.

Fisk -

How I see it;

Sanzo reports a bug.
Boats refuses to agree it's a bug, rather a feature.
Sanzo shows evidence it is a bug, from his point of view.
Boats quit.

Gronky -

What happened to 35 ?

Bolle -

I think that's where Boats was in?

PeepingTom -

Yes, he was dustybottoms.

Gronky -

werent they 6 players?

Tommies -

Bulby left and took with him maybe some multies.[8)]

Lil Britty -

Gits pm me your new name [heart][:)]

Smokey -

lol, no multies. We all decided to take a break or spread out a bit.

Gronky -

but i didnt see the cheater suspensions on 35 last age. Wasnt it two other alliances got caught cheeting? and then a Tcuk guy later in round?

Tommies -


bloodball -

He Just miss spelled grumpy

Mistro -

Lol, guess whos back. Facepalm. Hey Bulby.

Kairon -

Oh hey it's bloodball [:p]

Gronky -

so far no hits. old school player tho, Game is down about 400 players since last i played regular. this is my 3rd age back ,2nd full one. is 125 slackerville the old slackcamp guys?

Buffy -

Who was in the old slackcamp? ;)

Gronky -

Twinnie, Mich, and Fear is all i can remember

Tommies -

Hi Bulby, welcome back. Could't resist making an account again huh/

Bolle -

Hi bloodball!
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