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Noodle -

I feel the need that the players should start to decide what races should be in play
I mean yes it would take some tweaking of certain classes but I feel the need to have more races available to chose from it's really bland when it's the same races all the time..
We want to encourage more players yes but let's keep it lively for us too.

I'm suggesting a poll for x amount of attackers and x amount of mages, and x amount of thieves.
I for one want to see more implimentations for these races. Nazgul,viking,owl,uruk,Oleg,trifling,hobbit.
Like we need to do this for next age

Hecate -

Don't forget about the poor undead, but I like the idea of having a race poll.[up]

Smokey -

Taking player feedback is always a great idea to help steer the devs, but just as long as people know that nothing is binding and only fully balanced and complete changes will be released.

rEdL|nE -

I think it's a great idea.

But, we outta focus on balancing the game. Attackers and thieves need to be tweaked.

With the current game mechanics mages are the best and that is a bit lame.

EM-Mike -

Who's leading the charge these days?

Noodle -

Scarlet and sanzo

Mistro -

Add 25% less buildings destroyed when pillaged.
Human Attacker
Basic Grunt 1/0 100 cr
Off Hammer Smasher 5/0 400 cr Provide income as citizens would.
Def Mortar Team 0/6 725 cr
Elite Grey Beard 8/2 1,100 cr
Thief Short Cloak 0/0 450 cr

Halve thief auto fail rate.

Winged Attacker

Racial Abilities
50% of normal military losses
Homes hold 175 citizens, hideouts hold 20 citizens, others hold 5 citizens
Barracks hold 40 military
Farms produce 70% of normal
Mines produce 70% of normal
Yards produce 70% of normal
Starting Money: -25%
Add Draft takes double duration (gives 400% gains)
Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Baby Dragon 2/2 175 cr
Off Green Dragon 15/2 750 cr
Def Black Dragon 0/10 600 cr
Elite Red Dragon 25/10 1,600 cr
Thief White Dragon 2/3 400 cr

Biggcheese -

I agree with mistro on the dragon changes..dwarf not so much because they are already a pretty balanced and good race to be.

Mistro -

The dwarf change is to try and make them an attacker race as they should be. Another couple of option would be to make.

Mines act as weaponries. 3:1 do not stack with weaps. Max off bonus is still 20%
+25% explore cost and citz needed.

Bolle -

Dwarf need pop for that not income. The tax trait is pointless. Make the off specs or elites not count as military and you got yourself an attacker. Kinda OP though.

Scarlet -

I'll see about a good way to automatically track when races were last in play. Right now we have to hunt back in time & it's annoying ^,^

As for a poll, I will put one up at the end of the age to guide dev planning age 120.
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