Funniest moments in ork!!!

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Noodle -

Let’s all share some funny or embarrassing moments in Ork!!

I’ll start my biggest blunder was about 36 ages ago, I’d just returned from a toxic diviorce, I’d started back up as a raven, and had Spent about 10 hrs raiding, little did I know there was changes to raiding and just raiding a target doesn’t always yield gold.
Hence my next ages name wtf raiding doesn’t give you gold?!?

Otherwise since then I can be found Arsoning dwarfs, poisoning spirits food and wondering why temples hold no priests?

Let’s here others

Sanzo -

The old #24 had a long thread Book of Noobs. It disappeared with alliance merger, along with rest of forum [cry]

Biggcheese -

The time it was KT and I being a mage at the time forgot to uncheck the stop on success button, and my elder was so mad lol. Another good one was kt as a mage I dragonmaged a dwarf lol he had no farms left though haha
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