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I normally don't go in for these “goodbye” threads but since I had a “customer service” type role here for some time and people do tend to message me quite a bit, I thought I better just let you all know properly, so you know I haven't left because I am enraged with other staff or anything juicy like that!

As some of you were already aware, for the last few months I have been winding down my involvement in Orkfia, I actually planned to leave in April but we had a lot of changes/unstaffed areas that meant I felt a bit bad to just leave at that point so I hung around until I was sure all looks hopeful and now it does. I think the game can really go places with the fresh blood in staff currently. I'm really pleased to have been a part of the developments and also glad that this team kept the game running for another year and a half. We've done pretty well considering we all had busy lives, never spoke to each other in real life, not even on skype/phone and we're from all different backgrounds and cultures. Though we didn't get the player-numbers to where I was hoping, we made a lot of positive changes as a team and a community and things certainly feel a lot more hopeful for the game than they did when I joined staff in April 2015. Thanks for the support and help of all of you who participated in that, long may it continue. I am stepping back as staff since I was already here for much longer than I intended, I really wish the game and you all the best, Goodbye for now [heart]

Acwder -

<3 Jamzi

Acwder -

<3 Jamzi

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take care Jamzi.

the second post is a bit awkward Acwder :P

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doubleklick posting ftw^^

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Broken image

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C'ya Jamzi!

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See you soon

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Naww jamzi you suck![heart]

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See you soon [evilgrin]

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I'll allow it[:p]

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Thank you for all the hard work over the years.

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Take care!
On a side note: I have decided to come back [evilgrin]

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cya jamz!

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There is no GOD!!!!

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