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Saivar -

The beacons lit, bells ringing throughout the land, war was upon all of the inhabitants of Alderd. Entire lands razed and pillaged, entire villages and farms wiped from existence. Countless men, women, and children lay dead upon the ground – nothing had prepared them for what rained down upon them. They had not prepared for a magical war, and it was their undoing. When morning came Bringer of Death had passed with most of his soldiers. The rest wondered to other parts of Alderd settling where they could, demanding that justice be met. Knowing their limitations, they had to painfully settle in for a long war, tightening up their defense on all fronts.

In the months following their friend’s death, Littlesprout and Volfenhag sent off a diplomat asking for a truce, wishing to bring peace between the two alliances. Hoping to hear back within a few weeks, it had turned into months before they realized he’d not be returning. No truce would be accepted. They had to prepare for the inevitable.

Four years had passed before they heard anything new, left to their own way of life. Finding less news of the enemy they were thankful it was all over, swallowing the fact they couldn’t win justice for their fallen comrades. A sigh of relief however is what they gained, safe for the time being.

Fergx -

Very nice that you are bringing RPG elements to the game.

it had turned to months

I believe you meant, “into months”.

I will also contribute to this idea in the future.


Saivar -

Ah yes, my bad.

Doc -

[heart] it, Saivar!

Scarlet -

Nice war report :)

Gus Fring -

Nice one:)

temo -

petty good for your first report

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2 thumbs up.
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