Santa's helper

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Sanzo -

Has anyone found him today? [:|]

Lil Britty -

We've tried just about everything, no luck! Been seeing a lot of “X has sent out an expedition to settle 1 acre.” [:D] [:|]

temo -

Ill help on this one its somewhat difficult

Sanzo -

Wow. [up]
I don't think there's a link to that page lol

Amir -

U gotta click on the left Buttom corner that has 2006-2017

PheNom -

I cant see where that is..

But damn there are sone good old orkfia amongst those names..

Warm hearthie hello to BvS bk in the days 💓

Alias -


I've played this game over a year and have never clicked on that or seen that page.
Awfully nice of you, Temo and Amir, for sharing! [up]
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