War Report #34 VS #?

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Kovenant -

what was our enemy again?

After barely being rested the PTSD kicked in of Scorpius and his flashbacks of his old war memories kicked us back on our feet.
We all agreed that after our noon nap we would start at 7pm.
Since everyone missed that we again had to move our time table.

We still had some tick tacks left from our previous encounter and since it’s tic-tac I got a shoe against my head for mentioning it incorrect…

By the time we finally assembled we found out we had someone in our midst that has sight issues since this person opped way to early (fame raping or poor eyesight, we guess the latter)
Anyway fame raping early is now called “minching fame”
It still resulted in a clean kill 10/10 would do again!

After our first adventure I decided for the team it would be better to have a lesbian night nurse to soothe all our nightly dreams and terrors and to be able to start freshly in the morning.

The kill was a near perfect if it wasn’t for Scorp’s tick to kick in and to miss the KT due to this we extended the kill by one tick which again results in everyone missing their daily medication schedule.
Can’t wait to see that angry lesbian night nurse…

Bolle -

Tired and exhausted from fighting eachother over the old scoundrels' souls, the angels and demons sat side by side in the grass, picknicking, when suddenly the pesky little buggers emerged in the ethereal realm and started shooting.

“Oh for fuck's sake ” one Azazel exclaimed at the sight.
“Watch your language, you foul-mouthed excrement of hell” replied Zadkiel.
“Shorty-pants!” quoth he in return.
Enraged, Zadkiel's face turned purple and he uttered a word that can not be written down for its sheer blasphemy. Instantly he was transported from the ethereal realm into the purgatory.

Lucky for him. The others were all still sitting as the old crooks shot them. They fell over real neat in ordered little rows.

I just hope they took the time to bury the poor sods. All that work, but appreciation? None whatsoever.

Kairon -

As awful as our beatdown was, I'm happy to see 34 playing like back in the day [heart]

Hal -

[up]love the report

poor 31 doesnt even get a mention[:D]

Lil Britty -

These are great lol

Mincho -

Remember, better Minch it than Scorp it...
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