War report #21 vs #14

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Scarlet -

They may have changed their name to 'Merica, but they are still our nemesis and the CORE of our problems from another age. Our one lauded leader scarlo betrayed us once again.

Sending their dragons to raid and pillage our tribes and followed on with a slew of magical voids to instigate war once again, they quickly took the upper hand.

Internal communication within Turbo Puns was low for the first two years months, with a leader preoccupied trying to escape tarkov. A loose order to *do stuff* was sent.

Curiously some of their tribes decided to remain in growth mode for the first 2 years. So we took the liberty of blowing up well over a thousand of their mines.

Despite our late start to retaliation we were nearly on even war power by the end of the war, and all members of our alliance were a little more up to speed on the last 10 years of changes. (Welcome back!)

I guess the war pigs still had some power [:|]
The war figs shall return, as the hand of God strikes a future hour.

We will see you again on our terms when you have less citizens later in the age #14 'merica [evilgrin]

scarlo -

Lol, nice war report Scarlet ;)

Glad to help you guys find focus with a little early-round tussling.

Until next time...
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