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Orkfia II: Alliances At War

Alliances at War is an excellent web based strategy game, and You – the great leader of a tribe.

Global News
Time News Item
19 hours agoCOUNTDOWN 2.0 has surrendered to Slack Camp
19 hours agoCOUNTDOWN 2.0 has declared war on Orkfia Addicts
20 hours agoSlack Camp has declared war on COUNTDOWN 2.0
20 hours ago>Super Heroes< has surrendered to Orkfia Addicts
21 hours agoOrkfia Addicts has laid the final blow to >SH< Khas'Adun (#14)'s career during their war
yesterdayOrkfia Addicts has laid the final blow to >SH< Thor (#14)'s career during their war
2 days agoOrkfia Addicts has declared war on >Super Heroes<
2 days agoSlack Camp has surrendered to Karma Owlies
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War, Magic & Thievery

Create and rule your tribe in real time. Team up with your friends and fight to become the largest, strongest & most famous of all alliances!

  • No game resets
  • 2–3 logins daily recommended minimum
  • Free to play—no ads, no tricks


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Game Overview—Age 62

There are 106 tribes in 18 alliances. 7 players currently online and 1 ongoing war.