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Moderator_Jamzi -

[Edited merge rules 05/02/2016 for Resets]

If you would like to recruit team-mates into your alliance or if you are looking for an alliance to join, please post in here.

It is good to include what you are looking for and what you can offer potential team-mates. You can click on nicknames to message individuals who respond.

Merge (changing alliance) Rules
1. no moving alliance during war
2. no moving alliance during the final week of the age.
3. Elder must agree to the merge (in addition to the tribe merging)

To place a request to merge after agreeing with your future alliance-mates, go to Tools menu above, select “options” and then “request merge”.

If the system doesn't let you merge then just send a message to alliance #3 and we will merge you if the above 3 steps are fulfilled.

Instructions on how to report to staff are in below video if needed.

d0nc35 -

how long it takes to join a new ally after merge request accepted ?

Jamzi -

however long it takes a member of Ops staff to log in, check the merge tool and press the “ok” button. We have 4 people in ops from a couple of time zones so it's usually pretty fast but at times of holidays or laziness can be 24hrs I guess..

Anyway hint taken I will have a look and do it if not already done ;)

Jamzi -

check world and game forums if you're looking for an alliance (anyone) - there are several threads recruiting for specific alliances :)

zelic -

#30 needs one or two recruits for upcoming age.
Send us a PM =)

Kappa -

#17 looking for 1 new recruit. Send us a PM [heart]

rEdL|nE -

#24 is recruiting two good attackers.

We've tried for more than a decade with ScorpiAS and h3, but it just doesn't work: they'll always be newbs :)))

ScorpiAS -

Looking for someone that will have me (slightly slacking)

dagyrox -

Scorpias, join us in 26. More slackers than you can count on 1 hand

Michele -

Yeah cmon scorp[evilgrin]

Sanzo -

Since when are you guys in 24?

lepel -

rEdL|nE, 9 hours ago

#24 is recruiting two good attackers.

We've tried for more than a decade with ScorpiAS and h3, but it just doesn't work: they'll always be newbs :)))

we dont need any attackers, i think red is still delusional about the fact he aint good enough for #24

dagyrox -

Well then, #26 is looking for active/quasi-active any type players. Someone who can take the heat AND stay in the kitchen.

zelic -

#30 still have 1 spot free, feel free to apply :)

dagyrox -

yeeeeeeah...I would, but you have too many attackers atm.

Hey, what ever happened with the whole idea of shuffling all alliances at the begining of the age? [:D]

Cecil -

we had 3 people want to do it the last time[:(]

Casper -

Just putting a feeler out there to see who might be recruiting. My only demand is a want a warring/active alliance. I play mage & thief and could bring a friend along with me if there's another spot. I am a vet that's been around for a long time and understands how to kill/survive/and play as a core member. I believe i would be an asset to any allince that's willing to kill and create havoc in AatW. My current alliance i have been with for a while is to passive for me. If anyone is interested please send a pm.

Michele -

Casper pm daggy we woukd be happy to have you

Casper -

Thank you Michele. I just want to find a coordinated alliance that plays well together and functions as a unit verse's individual play. My current alliance is more about personal goals and achievements than coordinating team objectives. I just want to be apart of a good team...

Simo -

#13 have a free spot. Anyone looking for a new ally?

dagyrox -

OOOR, you can join us in #26 [;)] We have better benefits and a barb wired dildo....for use on our enemies, not ourselves....i think. Michele makes up those rules not me [:D]

dagyrox -

my last post still says 4 days ago... [cry]

Josh Groban -

Two players from years back looking for an Ally, super active, especially from 8AM-5PM EST(US).

dagyrox -

who were you guys years back? what alliance? what were your names then? what are your preferred races? do the names polly and sweats mean anything to you?

Scarlet -

“Sweats” oh I'm sure she'd love to be called that haha.

dagyrox -

hahahahaha, oooops, sweets. [:$]
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