Recruitment (and Merge Rules)

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Michele -

Rofl sweats... ;)

Thundernuts -

Any players from Call to Arms here
Was very active for quite a while in that game but put it down to finish my Masters. Was poking around and stumbled upon this one.

Nandu -

hi guys, just joined last night but its never too early to talk about next age!

i have no interest in dildos of any kind (see above posts) but otherwise, feel free to start a
dialogue now if you think you will have a need next age. i usually play attacker in
this kind of game but could be convinced to take on a different role for an age for the
right group.

best of luck to you all in the rest of the current age!

Fergx -

I am a very new player wanting to be Elder of his own alliance and I need active members to fill up the roster. Message me if interested! [heart] [up]

dagyrox -

PRIME #17 has a spot. Please let us know if you'd like to join.

Smikis -

Still space in PRIME #17[up]

Smikis -

Prime #17 are recruiting for age 86, merges are considered too!

Sanzo -

Double Rainbow Inc (#24) recruiting one
First come first serve. Send request to Hodo#24

Dgo42 -

Super new to the game, but I used to play kamikaze dominion back in the day. Want to learn and play with cooperative people. Come at me bro!

Virchue -

Anyone currently recruiting? Looking to learn more about effectively using Magic/Thievery/Attacks and working with others.

h3 -

Hey Virchue,

We have a space in #40!

Bemeies -

Anybody have a space for a new player? I'm looking for an alliance that can help me learn

Scarlet -

Apply to 12 if you like :)

Preeti chill ATM. I'm paused but still logging in daily
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