Recruitment (and Merge Rules)

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Michele -

Rofl sweats... ;)

Thundernuts -

Any players from Call to Arms here
Was very active for quite a while in that game but put it down to finish my Masters. Was poking around and stumbled upon this one.

Nandu -

hi guys, just joined last night but its never too early to talk about next age!

i have no interest in dildos of any kind (see above posts) but otherwise, feel free to start a
dialogue now if you think you will have a need next age. i usually play attacker in
this kind of game but could be convinced to take on a different role for an age for the
right group.

best of luck to you all in the rest of the current age!

Fergx -

I am a very new player wanting to be Elder of his own alliance and I need active members to fill up the roster. Message me if interested! [heart] [up]

dagyrox -

PRIME #17 has a spot. Please let us know if you'd like to join.

Smikis -

Still space in PRIME #17[up]

Smikis -

Prime #17 are recruiting for age 86, merges are considered too!

Sanzo -

Double Rainbow Inc (#24) recruiting one
First come first serve. Send request to Hodo#24

Dgo42 -

Super new to the game, but I used to play kamikaze dominion back in the day. Want to learn and play with cooperative people. Come at me bro!

Virchue -

Anyone currently recruiting? Looking to learn more about effectively using Magic/Thievery/Attacks and working with others.

h3 -

Hey Virchue,

We have a space in #40!

Bemeies -

Anybody have a space for a new player? I'm looking for an alliance that can help me learn

Scarlet -

Recruiting again :)

Smokey -

Recruiting one tribe to fill my alliance. Pm me if interested.


Mistro -

Currently there are only 3 8 man alliances.


BUT there are plenty of quite strong 2-5 man alliances.

I would like to take some of the active and motivated players from those smaller alliances and put together an active 8 man alliance for next (or a future) age.

If there are any people out there active and interested in fighting to break the monopoly these alliances currently hold please PM me throughout this age and i will assess how viable it is.

Experience not neccesary, happpy to act as a mentor. Pretty good at all aspects of the game except for surviving an age.

Activity should be 2-4 log ins a day minimum ideally. Im a sad person who logs in off my mobile every time im bored/take a toilet break/procrastinate at work/wanna look busy.

Smokey -

125 won last age, so there is no monopoly. :)

Mistro -

I refer you to my line that says, there are some very strong 2-5 man alliances out there.

I want to create an 8 man full active alliance for war and killing. Not a 3 man alliance that can farm land well :P

Buffy -

We do everything well, we kill we grow we attack and we win. We have won 3 of the last 6 ages or so :p

Mistro -

Then i will ahppily include you in the top alliances monopoly i wish to break :D

Mistro -

CD recruiting 2. Activity key experience not necessary.

Bring your enthusiasm and love for the game to an experienced and seasoned alliance. Happy to offer coaching and mentoring.

Key attributes sense of humour and willingness to learn combined with activity.

Virchue -

#40 are good dudes. They showed me the ropes last age and I had a lot of fun. I learned a lot with them and am now captaining my own Alliance (despite it only being my second full age). I highly recommend the experience.
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