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fear -

how does a 610 acre tribe attack a 2500 acre tribe? that must really hurt.

Mistro -

Well Dragons are unable to get any income from buildings so the meta seems to be to build pure offence and pillage bigger tribes in the hope that one day their income will be enough to expand a few acres and actually hold it.

Sanzo -

Quote: Mistro
Dragons should ... gain nazguls trait for credits earned per acre taken


If you're claiming that the bonus cr trait encourages suiciding, then surely giving it to Dragons will just make Dragons suicidey in the same way Nazguls are now. [:s]

Mistro -

Well Nazgul are a Leet based race which enables suiciding.

Dragons are a def spec/leet based race which discourages suiciding, the currentmeta has dragons forced to only pump offence and not grow but just constantly pillage, with this change dragons have more motivation to acquire land early on as well as a means of defending it.

Sanzo -

Hmm I see your point.

We will give nazgul and dragons different traits than what they have now. Current nazgul trait rewards too much at start, late age I reckon it rewards enough to negate battle losses. Anywho it's too much at age start.
They will still get an incentive to suicide/grow, because I think without that they will be left in the dust.

Thanks for your feedback. Please don't hesitate to make a suggestion if it comes to mind.

I will post age change preview next week.

Mistro -

Dragons Ruin the game for new players as it stands.

My purpose in life in this game as a dragon is too pillage as often as dragonly possible in the hope i somehow manage to garner enough military to creep up in the acreage.

But dragons are so so so slow attackers that now as tribes get killed and reset and newer players join. they simply present really juicy pillage targets to those dragons who have played from the start but took a while to cotton onto the only way to play. = relentless pillaging.

As a result you are left with a situation where the only way for dragons to continue to grow is to hit the resetting/new tribes with pillages regularly.

I think if a new player joined rather than having a gateway level at the lower acres to get to grip with things they are stuck getting smashed by dragons.

For next age....
I don't actually think this will be a problem as noone will play dragons unless they are drastically changed.
Will they be removed as a cancerous race?
Will they be given the buffs they need so they dont simply bottom feed all age?

Sanzo -

I don't see how that is a dragon specific problem. Technically anybody who just trains offense and refuses to grow could be a game ruiner, no?

fear -

The player base isn't large enough to support any amount of dragons. Dragons need to pillage (used to be raid) to grow, and generally the more active dragons prevailed.

I chose to train off and pillage targets 5-6 times my size because I was getting 1mil+ crowns, 50-80k logs, 100k+ food and 3-4k rps. better then grabing120 acres

I think dragons are pretty well balanced, maybe mines should produce a bit more - 25% weaps was giving me 3-4x what 25% mines would have.

Cid -

Don't know if others are experiencing it/have experienced it this age but pestilence seems REALLY annoyingly easy to contract through thief OPs... poison water isn't a hard thing to get through even with decent TPA and guard houses and from my own experience I seem to get it within 4 successful attempts.

Don't know what I'm expecting to come from raising this other than to minorly vent... Possible solution could be to set it as a separate “spread disease” OP with a higher difficulty, which could either be open to all those dastardly thieves or specific to spirits since it's based around their racial spell?

Fisk -

Pestilence is easy to heal as well though. Harder to spread requires harder to heal/remove too imo.

Cid -

Could make heal a moderate difficulty self spell? Means that people playing the support caster fairy in the alliance have a significant role aside from maintaining buffs, and if you didn't have a fairy you'd have a bigger reason to invest in guilds and academies for non-mage classes...

Sanzo -

Ok will add that to fairy
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