Hit & Run

Open Sanzo opened this discussion on 7th August 2016

Sanzo November 2016

It's pretty useless
Needs a revamp

Cecil August 2016

Its useless to u cause there's noone bigger than u ;p

Sanzo August 2016

Don't be a smart ass I am trying to have a serious thread here :/

It has been useless for years.

Smikis August 2016

it is useless

Kelvin August 2016

Until you get HnRd by a few Uruks 24/7, then you will scream about overpowered attack :P

Sanzo August 2016

But kelvin, that is the only time it is useful. Mind as well make it uruk only [8)]

Cecil August 2016

ive loved using it on thief/ cleric heavy races that have a defensive point, does oodles of damage and engorges u in war victory points

ScorpiAS August 2016

Cecil the monster...
Hit and run has always been race oriented. Once it were the vikings, now it is the uruks. Its border lane useless for other races - thats true.
Should it be made race specific - maybe. Should it be removed - hell no!

Kelvin August 2016

It will still hurt alot if several attackers is using it on the same target.
It's not like it's meant for one tribe to take out a much larger target just like that...

Darkwing August 2016

I think the attacking tribes should have a lot more losses when they H&R.

Smikis August 2016

Only reason is to weaken stronger target, which honestly unless you are uruk, you still loose the same, and you want attacker loose even more troops. whats the point of it then? to make your nemesis stronger than you?

Kappa August 2016

We need the comeback of a pure High Elf alliance whose sole purpose is to annoy the rest of Orkfia with hitnruns

Kelvin August 2016

As said before, it's not meant for ONE tribe to be able to take down one larger tribe. It's meant for a team of smaller tribes to be able to weaken a larger tribe they can can't otherwise touch, until grabable or just to piss him off.

Pollito August 2016

Hitting and Running in RL is quite useful, especially when you're tipsy and you hit a Benz... especially when the Beamer is from 97 and the Benz is after 2010, who wins? BMW [:D][up]

Scarlet November 2016

You still feel this way Sanzo? I'm having success with it this age.

dagyrox November 2016

Sanzo 31 minutes ago----

this is confusing. scarlet writes 31 minutes ago, and cause of the bug, here i thought all of ork was on and replying so quickly.

thedritpwnskkkk November 2016

If you change vigilance the way you suggested scarlet there may be room to improve HnR since mass HnR will do less damage.

rEdL|nE November 2016

Scarlet how do you have success with it this age?!? I've been hurt by HnR a bit at the beginning of the age. The result was that it took me two days more to become top attacker and the HEs that did it have destroyed their tribes. An alliance of HEs couldn't get anything done with HnR. It's useless.

GEOM November 2016

HnR needs to be done the way #24 uses it when they went team Uruk

I.e. Mid age with a good base def, en masse around the same tick, back to back

The current application of HnR on you redline was not done properly. If anything, you were fed easy land that propelled you to the behemoth you are now

If the HnR hit you mid age, the pain would be greater. HnR at the start of the age is not effective

Poor application , rather than a verdict on the effectiveness of the attack itself

Pollito November 2016

It has been useless for years.

When you say years, are we talking about in game years, or RL years?


Clarification pl0x

Smikis November 2016

most of attacks needs a rewamp

Scarlet November 2016

Imo just pillage and hnr

Sanzo November 2016

Quote: Pollito
When you say years, are we talking about in game years, or RL years?
Clarification pl0x

Pollito Years, ofc
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