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hardar November 2016

Orkfians, time has come for orkfia to change its face.

We started earlier this year with an improved mobile version, which is not perfect but was a first step of a major revamp.

More visual improvements are yet to come and probably one of the biggest part is a new responsive design based on the current mobile look.

Initial plan was to release it for age 81 but developpement took more time than expected so we're using age 81 as a public test phase.

The new design is available on our test server and you have the choice between the same three color themes as now (so far).

You can test it here : (registration requiered (or use user : dev | pass : dev) and provide feedback or report bugs with the small toolbar you can find on your screen :
Broken image
Just click the pen icon and start a new task where you can take a screenshot and add comment before submitting.

Any feedback is welcome. [up]

Sanzo August 2016

I [heart] U [up]

lepel August 2016

Registration Report

You need to fill in the password field.

Your registration could not be completed.

Fill in all of the required fields and try again.


did you hide another password field?

Sanzo August 2016


hardar August 2016

Damn you lepel you broke it all [:D]

It's now fixed.

max October 2016

This thingy is here now

Pollito October 2016

I don't like change [:s]

Bolle October 2016

I don't mind it, and I'm sure there's a lot of attachment to the old interface.. this might draw new players.

I do wish there'd be a darker green option for the background. The foresty one is still rather hard on the eyes in the evening, so I settled on pink [;)]

Sanzo October 2016

How do I get chat to appear on mobile?

thedritpwnskkkk October 2016

how can i get the old background, i can see how dirty my screen is now

thedritpwnskkkk October 2016

i wish the menus would come out below instead of on the side, easy to miss for this gorilla

thedritpwnskkkk October 2016

and there is some weirdness with clicking on the side buttons, it messes with the hover functionality of the menus. Also i prefer if clicking on the buttons take you to the first page of respective menus,

Casper October 2016

I don't like this new version [cry]

GEOM October 2016

Oh wow..... I realize how one needs time to get used to change.... but wow.... I am struggling a bit with this new format..... will report back after spending more time with it

gonzo October 2016

The menu does not travel down as you scroll like it use to. You have to scroll back up to the top.

GEOM October 2016

Where can we find the “Edit post” button?

GEOM October 2016

Can we get back the function to auto fill 'fields' by clicking on the 'numbers that can be built'? - ie the one that fills it up with the max possible figure

Sorry, not sure how to edit earlier posts

Kappa October 2016

Is it just me or is the popup/drop-right menu bar on the left annoying?

When you mouse over Tribe/Alliance/etc, and slowly move your mouse to the right, the pop up disappears. And sometimes when you move your mouse fast so your mouse reaches the text links that pop up, it still disappears. Then when you double click Tribe/Alliance/etc, the pop up becomes permanent until you click something from the pop up menu which can be annoying as well.

d0nc35 October 2016

[Orkfia mobile looks like working properly on win 10 mobile phone.

But, still some miss leading text between long tribe name with the comment box on portrait screen. Must use landscape screen for better reading.

Btw, i not understand how to read my crowns without access tribe page.

Kovenant October 2016

To view tribe stats like crowns etc,
In the top there is a tiny blue arrow pointing down if you press it it collapses open.
Might be handy to put some text besides it?

By the way, looks good, fresh and modern with Orkfia look. I like it!

hardar October 2016

I'll try to fix all that has been reported today, and it will be uploaded this evening.

Happy halloween bug hunting sunday

Cecil October 2016

the orkfia symbol is screwed up and crunched

fixed, ty hardar

rEdL|nE October 2016

The top bar with the time isn't scrolling down. It will be hard to Op at KT or hunt a raven from mobile without knowing what time it is

hardar October 2016

Cecil: force reload your browser's cache (ctrl -F5), there must be some old styling left in your cache

Redline: will be changed before age actually starts

Kovenant October 2016

Im unable to submit bugs on the dev site the bottom submit button on ios10 is too low to be pressed.

On ios10 the tribe main page overview text is on the wrong lines

Ios10, “community” indicate there are new posts constantly while i cant see where its is orange colored with (3) when going to the community there is nothing colored.

rEdL|nE October 2016

@hardar in that case pls make it smaller - I don't need Orkfia Mobile to eat 2/3 of the size. I know I'm on Orkfia and I know I'm on my mobile phone
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