MP/TP cost and capacity growth

Open Kappa opened this discussion on 15th September 2016

Kappa September 2016
Why was the logarithmic growth of mana capacity/guild removed? Currently, if you're over 2k acres, every guild and hideout gives 3MP/TP each. The cost of spells and ops also seems to scale linearly with land so the maximum amount of spells/ops you can cast doesn't change after 2k acres.

When you couple that with the fact that there's no longer a damage penalty for oping on a tribe <50% or >200% your size, there doesn't seem to be much point in growing big.

May as well grow to 2k acres, have the whole alliance convert to labs and max out war research and then go on a killing spree.

dagyrox September 2016

Hmmm, sounds like a fun strat. Think I'll try it next age 😋

bill September 2016

The only plus of being the largest is #1 rank (which is currently considered 'winning'), and so land fat even your RP/War mode can't make a dent. 90DPA kind of land fat I'm talking
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