Tribe deaths/restarts

Open Casper opened this discussion on 26th October 2016

Kovenant October 2016

In current cases having a good ratio of around 55/45 citz/military makes 20% homes very very effective

gonzo October 2016

I spoke out for removing DE flat bonus, and success rate buff. I agree that the combo is too much.

I would not say that it is too much. I have played DE this age and I think I have been targeted 6-8 times. It is not because I do not have much t/m def but because DE are not very efficient. (I am still alive and not one of those tribes who restart at 2k acres). The attacks have led me to release just as many def specs as I have trained this age.

In fact I always had credits to train more troops to prevent from being grabbed but it would be suicide to do that. The 0/5 units are a good cushion to make DEs not be OP.

Just make ml capped until the tribe reaches 2500 acres or something like that. After 2500 acres you can have any ml you want. One thing not discussed much here is the moris and WE that come back. Those are just as dangerous and a cap will not prevent that from happening.

GEOM October 2016

I find it interesting how our forum discussions evolve from age to age

For me at least, i first saw suicidal ravens going on rampage. Then it was team Uruk domination (which could be seen as semi suicidal as per their military composition).

Now attention is drawn to suicidal de / mh / we

The best part ?

I am inferring from the earlier comments that all these ' findings' are not new. The orkfia veterans amongst us have seen it all, heard it all and very likely dealt with it in their own way

We seem to have come full circle to the start of the next 'discovery' cycle

Sanzo October 2016

Breaking news:

Some players want strategies to be outlawed because they didn't think of it first

Bulby October 2016

spirits have poor defense and expensive... once you add high tpa they are more vulnerable than d/e... d/e needs to be nerfed...take a player poll and see what the majority says

BiltesKrieg October 2016

Spirits are kind of bad atm. Very inefficient. Shame because they used to be a cool race to play.

Kamecimi October 2016

uh yeah... I was looking for the whine thread. Is this it? I'd like some manchego as well, please. [:p]

BiltesKrieg October 2016

all threads are whine threads. ya didn' know? ;)

DolphinTeeth October 2016

Lame tactics win the age indeed.
I was curious as to why veterans were sitting at 2500 land after being killed.
I also wonder why there were 5 dark elves in one alliance? Oh yeah, reset tactics. Can't really speak much other than that as there was Snow White n the 7 dwarves last age..
At the later phases of the age, I've noticed attackers taper off. Mostly thieves and mages. It happens I guess

BiltesKrieg October 2016

that was always that way. thieves and mages will always target attackers - they're a threat.

bloodball October 2016

1. I kill a tribe in that war - that tribe shouldn't be allowed any aggressive ops against my alliance for 48 hours.

I think this makes sense. a while ago you couldn't reset in a war to precent suicide strats were you die and return with more firepower.
this was taken out because of the multiple war system, you could be in a continuous war with different alliances so it would be hard to reset.
this solution adres the exact same thing as nog be able to reset in a war and does not hinder the killed tribe to restart

thedritpwnskkkk October 2016

yea bb that is a decent compromise.

GEOM October 2016

There is a on-going thread on war penalties if you have to surrender.

Not sure if the 48 hour enforced 'op-ceasefire' when a tribe dies will overly unbalance the war dynamic since it just prevents the victim alliance from doing a comeback

You may want to only implement either one of these 2 suggestions in the interim. Not both at once

h3 November 2016

Tribe that dies/restarts - 50% damage for 6 ticks. Increases 5% per tick there afterwards. Only applicable towards enermy alliance.

Tribe hostility built can be used to determine restriction against enemy alliance(s) if tribe restarts? (How would this work with co-op kills?[evilgrin]
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