Open Howdheseeme opened this discussion on 15th December 2016

Sanzo December 2016

Yes please nerf ravens so I can blame some other race when I get totally pwned [evilgrin]

Scarlet December 2016

I gained 800 acres as an active raven and lost 900 in a span of 5 hours against a certain group of ravens early in the age.


lepel December 2016

Raven have always been OP, but then again so is every other race if you are active enough.

easiest way to bother ravens is to hunt them or WoD them close to the tick. C'mon guys it aint that hard.

also getting killtimed is also very expensive :D

rEdL|nE December 2016

I understand the points Brad made. For this low tribe count an alliance that goes full raven makes a block and ruins the game for others. When the Ravens are also douchebags its even worse. The thing is: it's never good to quit, it's much better to just kill those pesky Ravens and that's that.

dagyrox December 2016

Someone needs to play the duche bag, otherwise game would be boring.[:D]

Sanzo December 2016

Really? Whenever I play the douche bag people just complain the game is boring, and that they will rage quit because of it [8)]

Nandu December 2016

think you need to go to the top of this thread and read how it started, Sanzo. LOL

Jolten December 2016

I agree with Redline here. If a ravens being a douche you owe it the beating of it's life.

dagyrox December 2016

I haven't been hurt by Ravens, so I feel Raven complaints are weak and baseless. We can not make game/race changes on baseless accusations. If you can't defend yourself from a raven, then you are the problem, not the Ravens. We have an ecosystem of varying degrees of powers, predators n prey. The ravens have a job to keep the rest of our defenses inline, otherwise they will tair you up.
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