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Open Scarlet opened this discussion on 27th December 2016

Scarlet January 2017

I will be updating the wiki this christmas, so let me know what you guys want me to add (outside of more formulas)

- Income vs Size Graph (remove)
- Update Attacks with Units Lost / Damage Dealt
- Update Attacks page with cross linking, do cleanup
- Update Operations with success rates
- Update Spells with success rates
- Link a spell calculator
- Link a kill calculator
- Have a “races” page that also includes out of rotation races
- MP/TP vs Size graph (removed, but need to add new graph)
- Add Military Exercises to Attacks Page

GEOM December 2016

Mana / tp generation vs size graph - needs to be updated

Nandu December 2016


Nandu December 2016

it looks like 1 or 2 of the changes have already been put in... looking nice :)

Scarlet December 2016

Yeah I updated the attacks page last night. Just have to do cross linking /cleanup

dagyrox December 2016

damn that attacking grid looks so nice.

Scarlet December 2016

So, I currently don't have access to change the menu items, so I'll have to make do with crosslinking to pages or some alternative.
Updated quite a few pages today, mainly just cleaning up pages.

Will hopefully get spell/operation grids done tonight.

GEOM December 2016

Can we update the description of ambush to reflect that it only works against invasions against you?

Or does it actually work on all incoming land , similar to commandeer?

Scarlet December 2016

Send your thieves on a devious counter-attack against any enemy who dared attack you and claim your land as their own
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