Age of the orc

Open Scarlet opened this discussion on 11th January 2017

Scarlet 4 weeks ago

Broken image

Smikis January 2017

this better be teaser for new race, still age of the raven!

Scarlet January 2017

Was more commenting on Uruk/Mori numbers :P

Doc last month

Maybe someone can post a nice picture of a spectral rider now?

Speaking of, are races changed every Age? Do you do a poll or
anything to see what race might come in the following Age?

How bout a Nosferatu? Blood suckers who can bite enemies
and make more vamps. [:|]

Sanzo last month

Yes, changes come every age.
Staff makes race changes, mostly based on player's suggestions [up]
We have had Undeads as a race before. They had Vampires as an elite unit, which over time had effects such as resurrecting enemy combat fatalities, or Vampires increasing each update by X%.

Here's your picture. Enjoy it while it lasts [evilgrin]

Broken image

Doc last month

While it lasts? You intend to take the picture down at some, yet, unannounced time in the future?

Doc 4 weeks ago

Now that I see the changes, I know what you meant by “while it lasts” LOL

Bye Nazgul, was a fun age having you with us.

Scarlet 4 weeks ago

They were meant to be a slow attacker and I.... oops

Jolten 4 weeks ago

Seems like there is a nazgul already towards the top of the ranking making you eat crows my friend.

Scarlet 4 weeks ago

Eat crows?

Fisk 4 weeks ago

Tastes like chicken, no worries[up]

Kovenant 4 weeks ago

Broken image

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