Age of the orc

Open Scarlet opened this discussion on 11th January 2017

Scarlet March 2017

Broken image

Smikis January 2017

this better be teaser for new race, still age of the raven!

Scarlet January 2017

Was more commenting on Uruk/Mori numbers :P

Doc February 2017

Maybe someone can post a nice picture of a spectral rider now?

Speaking of, are races changed every Age? Do you do a poll or
anything to see what race might come in the following Age?

How bout a Nosferatu? Blood suckers who can bite enemies
and make more vamps. [:|]

Sanzo February 2017

Yes, changes come every age.
Staff makes race changes, mostly based on player's suggestions [up]
We have had Undeads as a race before. They had Vampires as an elite unit, which over time had effects such as resurrecting enemy combat fatalities, or Vampires increasing each update by X%.

Here's your picture. Enjoy it while it lasts [evilgrin]

Broken image

Doc February 2017

While it lasts? You intend to take the picture down at some, yet, unannounced time in the future?

Doc February 2017

Now that I see the changes, I know what you meant by “while it lasts” LOL

Bye Nazgul, was a fun age having you with us.

Scarlet February 2017

They were meant to be a slow attacker and I.... oops

Jolten March 2017

Seems like there is a nazgul already towards the top of the ranking making you eat crows my friend.

Scarlet March 2017

Eat crows?

Fisk March 2017

Tastes like chicken, no worries[up]

Kovenant March 2017

Broken image
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