Double war

Open Smikis opened this discussion on 11th February 2017

Smikis last month

Hint Wink.. 13 24 40... exploited game mechanics or possible co-op to get out of war, allow alliances to surrender to second war and not the first.

33 minutes ago Double Rainbow Inc has truced with World Domination
37 minutes ago World Domination has surrendered to CD
48 minutes ago Double Rainbow Inc has declared war on World Domination
1 hour ago CD has declared war on World Domination

Scarlet last month

Multi war surrender was supposed to come out... I forgot to put it in change list it looks like. [cry]

I was an involved party and was grumpy of the outcome.

Smikis last month

Heads must roll!

Fisk last month


Fergx last month

Those damn cheaters [;)]

Scarlet last month

Wait, so my head has to roll? I didn't vote for this!

Smikis last month

no, someone else was supposed to die... [evilgrin]

Sanzo last month

Trucing is the most disgraceful thing you could do

Scarlet last month

* If in multiple wars, can surrender any war but the newest at 12 hours for free. (ie 110%)

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