Age 88 Changes: Discussion

Open Sanzo opened this discussion on 28th March 2017

Sanzo April 2017

What do you like in the changes? What do you not like? What do you want changed for next age? Let us know! [:D][up]

Fergx March 2017

First impression:

Britt's are overpowered. Nazgul hasn't been fixed and is even more broken than before. Dark Elf +5ml is maybe a slight nerf but a better nerf would be to change the success rate of Dark Spells and keep the +10ml. Templar with Guard Houses seems disgustingly broken given the cheaper mystics. They can have 50ML and 25% guard houses that give 12.5% weps and they are virtually unkillable?

The rest of the changes seem fine at first glance but are going to need to see an age of play before I can say anything else [up]

Jolten March 2017

Hmm interesting assessment on the Brits being over powered.

Templar is a walking suicide race. If they get the offense to attack they're an easy kill to razes.

If they use clerics to hit they're wide open to mages owning them

Sanzo March 2017

For Templar to get ml 50 you need to use 32% of your total pop. (26%of your total pop if you got max infra sci)
On top of this you need defense. So they are not quite a juggernaut.

Brittonian have definitely gotten a boost. Might need to make a last minute change on them [;)]

Fergx March 2017

Britts: Just change it back to 300 citz per home and they should be fine. Templar would be unkillable and with enough weps and war science they wouldn't need a ton of offense to break attackers if they play it right.

Jolten March 2017

Lol I had 50% war science ML 40 and 20% GH and nearly got killed 3x just by razes when I went offense

Sanzo March 2017

I don't see how Templar would be unkillable. They haven't been unkillable in past ages with the same efficiency.

Fergx March 2017

You guys are probably right about the Templar. I maybe over-thinking it.

Scarlet April 2017

1000->1% chance to not appear in news isn't a decent racial bonus. Realistically this maxes at 15%.
Just remove it.
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