Age 87 Start Time

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max March 2017

If everything goes according to plan, age 87 will start after 18.00 (server time) on Wednesday 1st with the first tick at 19.00, running 4 weeks as usual.

The changes will be uploaded in a few hours followed by a game reset.

bloodball February 2017


Fergx February 2017


bloodball February 2017

Pirate isn't race, it is a lifestyle!

max February 2017

Changes upload + game reset.

Hopefully Scarlet will announce the changes soon [:)]

Scarlet February 2017

When I'm home from work. Data plan is dead for a day more lol.

Doc February 2017

*note to self: terrorize scarlet's tribe at the end of the months* [evilgrin]

max March 2017

The age starts in about 3 hours, get ready!

max March 2017

Age 87 has started!

Sanzo March 2017

WTF I didn't leave protection yet I am unpaused?
Seriously wtf is this BS it hasn't happened before

Sanzo March 2017

Sanzo March 2017

Fergx March 2017

Happened to me too

max March 2017

It was part of the age 75 changes:
You no longer have to press “Start Tribe Now” button at the beginning of the age as all tribes will be started automatically (unless you have no defence).

It was added after to too much complaints about people forgetting to press the start button.

Fanilow March 2017

but this age it didn't work... [cry]

will the age be reset?

Scarlet March 2017

It definitely worked. You probably had no defence.

Fanilow March 2017

Total Defence at Home: 26,106

definitely did not work. what did u think the above posts meant?

Sanzo March 2017

That is impossible. This is computing we are dealing with here. Either it works for everybody or it works for nobody.

Just start late dude. You are not losing any ground. It's not one of those games where if you don't start same time you will have zero chance.
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