Age 89 Changes

Open Sanzo opened this discussion on 23rd April 2017

Sanzo last month

Greetings Players. Here are your Age 89 Changes [evilgrin]

User Interface Changes

Building order has been rearranged. Similar buildings are now grouped.

Alliance forum thread limit has been lifted

War Changes
Hostility Decay: 10 per month ---> 6 per month

Building Changes

1% blocks 2% incoming spells ---> 1% blocks 3% incoming spells
Remove: 1% reduces incoming magic damage by 1%

Guard Houses
1% blocks 2% incoming thievery operations ---> 1% blocks 3% incoming thievery operations
Remove: 1% reduces incoming thievery damage by 1%

Holds minimum(3,Tribe Size/833) Mana Points (MP) ---> Holds minimum(3,0.5+land/1000) Mana Points (MP)

Holds minimum(3,Tribe Size/833) Thievery Points (TP) ---> Holds minimum(3,0.5+land/1000) Thievery Points (TP)

Science Changes

Remove: Political Science branch

1.00% increased effectiveness of Churches & Guard houses. (max 50%) ---> 0.50% decreased building damage incurred. (max 25%)


Destroy much less if target is less then 90% of your size ---> Optimal gains for targets above 80% your size. Between 70-80% reduced gains. No gains under 70%

0.012*Land + 0.04*Homes ---> 0.015*Land + 0.05*Homes
attacker losses 4% ---> 2%

Race Changes

Remove: High Elf, Hobbit, Wizard
Add: Dragon, Eagle, Spirit

Entities that arose from the elemental chaos before the beginning of the world, Dragons rival the very gods in power. Known for long spanning plots which affect events far beyond the imagining of present mortals, no one ever quite knows what a Dragon's true aim is... though hoarding treasure seems to be a part of it. Only the most experienced rulers can tame these strong and willful beasts.

3 hour attack time
-50% military unit losses from attacks, spells and operations
Homes hold 225 citizens, other buildings hold 5 citizens, Barracks hold 50 military & 5 citizens
Farms, Mines and Yards produce 66% of normal
Destroy 5% of 3 randomly selected buildings per successful attack (Randomly chosen from buildings with at least 1% total land, so it won't target an unbuilt building or something you only have 1 of)
Starting Money: -40% (1,800,000 cr)

Basic Baby Dragon (1/1) 250 cr
Off Green Dragon (8/2) 450 cr
Def Black Dragon (0/10) 700 cr
Elite Red Dragon (16/4) 1,250 cr
Thief White Dragon (2/2) 300 cr

Long revered by many cultures, Eagles have a magical quality that has evolved into magical ability. Many will hunt them, thinking they see weakness, many will fail... an eagle's defensive abilities are second to none.

Racial Abilities
Elude: up to 50% chance of enemies failing an attack on your tribe (accrues 10% each tick, an Elude reduces this stacked bonus by 20%)
Homes increase MP hold equivalent to 1/3 of a guild (only storage, no regeneration)

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Nester 0/0 25 cr
Off Emesen 1/0 100 cr
Def Vendo 0/3 340 cr
Elite Anekonian 2/7 1140 cr
Thief Razorbeak 0/0 400 cr

All that remains from the cursed souls of the Nazgul, who are now presumed to be extinct. You cannot see or hear a Spirit but their presence becomes known in other ways. Their lack of physical form could be a disability but used correctly, can be positive in many ways.

Racial Abilities
Ethereal Form: Vision spell does not work on Spirits.
Spirits don't require food
From the Shadows: Failed intel operations do not generate tribe news

Military Units
Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Ghost 0/0 75 cr
Off Phantom 2/0 200 cr
Def Poltergeist 0/7 800 cr
Elite Ghoul 6/3 750 cr
Thief Apparition 0/2 200 cr

Race Tweaks

Off Highwayman 4/0 500 cr ---> 450cr

Dark Elf
Change: Supermage: +5 ML ---> Supermage: Academies give 33% more ML (15% acads = 20ML, 24% acads = 32ML, etc.)
Elite Nightrider 6/7 1,200 cr ---> 4/7 1100 cr

Basic Grunt 1/1 100 cr ---> 0/0 150 cr
Off Hammer Smasher 5/2 450 cr ---> 4/2 250 cr
Def Mortar Team 1/7 675 cr ---> 0/7 650 cr

Add: Academies are 1% more effective per each 1000 fame (With 10,000 fame, 30% academies becomes ML 33)
Add: 1% more raw defense per 1000 fame
Basic Sprite 0/0 100 cr ---> 0/1 100 cr
Elite Fay Queen 0/8 1,100 cr ---> 1,050 cr

Remove: 0.001% per fame chance of attacks not showing in alliance news
Add: 25% chance of attacks not showing in alliance news
Add: Destroy 1/4 of target's maximum MP & TP on each successful attack
Elite Wraith 10/10 1,700 cr ---> 1,550 cr

Uruk Hai
Def Ogre Shaman 0/7 750 cr ---> 800 cr
Elite Half-Giant 11/4 1,250 cr ---> 11/3 1400 cr

Wood Elf
Add: +50% damage on Intrigue
Elite Tree Ent 0/10 1,325 cr ---> 1,350 cr

Spell Changes

Lightning Bolt
Now can be used against anyone who attacked your alliance
Kills 0.4% of returning army ---> 0.125% of returning army

Magical Void
Add: 25% chance to remove 2 spells instead of 1

New Spells

Your mage can attempt to cleanse the tribe of an enemy, reducing the duration of pestilence with 1 month per successful attempt.
Reduces duration of pestilence by 1 month per successful cast
Difficulty: Easy for any mage

Your mage can attempt to cleanse the tribe of an ally, reducing the duration of Pestilence and Engineered Virus with 1 month per successful attempt.
Reduces duration of Pestilence and Engineered Virus by 1 month per successful cast
Difficulty: Hard even for a strong mage

Mystical Rust
An enchantment to erode the metal supplies of the tribe's weaponries.
Destroys 1% weaponries
Difficulty: Quite hard for a weak mage

Wrath of Cyclops
When attacking an opponent, they may very well have additional wall defence. When casting this spell, your mage is able to conjure a cyclops that will destroy a number of the opponent's walls, leaving them open to attack.
Destroys 1% walls
Difficulty: Quite hard for a weak mage

Self Race Class/Type spells

Race Class and Race Type spells have been added. Class and type are defined in accordance to the below table.

Class / Type   Attacker   Mage      Thief
Human Dwarf Templar Brttonian
Winged Dragon Eagle
Cursed Nazgul Spirit
Elf Dark Elf Wood Elf
Orc Uruk Hai Mori Hai
Unknown Fairy

Race Class Spells

Human Spell (Available to Brittonian, Dwarf, and Templar)
Conjured Focus
Humans are curious by nature, but their uncoordinated efforts often prove futile. Through the skillful use of magic, however, this obstacle can be hurdled, resulting in a notable increase of knowledge
+1 rp per 750 citizens per month
1-10 month duration
Difficulty: Quite hard for a weak mage

Winged Spell (Available to Dragon, Eagle)
Birds are known for their flocking tendencies, and this is spell much improves their ability to multiply rapidly and dangerously.
+20% citizen growth
1-8 acres gained each month
1-10 month duration
Difficulty: Quite hard for a weak mage

Cursed Spell (Available to Nazgul, Spirit)
Cursed races possess an evil spell which gives them the ability to spread an epidemic. Pestilence spreads during invasions when either the attacker or the defender is afflicted with Pestilence. Pestilence lasts L/500 months (always rounded down) with a minimum of 0 months and a maximum of 15 months.
+5% offence
+10% citizen growth (cursed)
-20% citizen growth (non-cursed)
Spreads during successful invasions
Spreads during successful black operations (5% chance)
Lasts 1-10 months
Difficulty: Quite hard for a weak mage

Elf Spell (Available to Dark Elf, Wood Elf)
Deep Forest
Ever watchful of the balance of the ages, the forces of Preservation maintain harmony between nature and the elves. This spell increases your defense by making your forest grow faster, expanding your domain in the process.
1-8 acres gained per month
+5% defense
1-10 month duration
Difficulty: Quite hard for a weak mage

Ork Spell (Available to Mori Hai, Uruk Hai)
Roar of the Hoarde
+5% offense
+15% units killed
1-10 month duration
Difficulty: Quite hard for a weak mage

Unknown Spell (Available to Fairy)
Divine Intervention
5-15 fame gained per month
-20% land lost on standard attack
1-10 month duration
Difficulty: Quite hard for a weak mage

Race Type Spells

Attacker Spell (Available to Dragon, Dwarf, Nazgul, Uruk Hai)
+5% offense
+10% building damage on destructive attacks
1-4 month duration
Difficulty: Quite hard for a weak mage

Mage Spell (Available to Dark Elf, Eagle, Fairy, Templar)
Engineered Virus
A time effect version of fear that kills all forms of military and thieves. This spell can be cast on an enemy to inflict damage on their units.
Kills military units every month
Lasts 1-4 months
Difficulty: Quite hard for a weak mage
War Only

Thief Spell (Available to Brittonian, Mori Hai, Spirit, Wood Elf)
Arcane Cloak
-75% thief losses on Black Operations
1-4 month duration
Difficulty: Quite hard for a weak mage

Mistro April 2017

Really nice changes. Should mix up the meta game. And currently i on't think any one race looks too OP.

''Roar of the Horde'' (they aren't roaring about treasure after all... :P
Is the +15% units killed for both sides? Just attacker? Just defender?

Nazgul will be strong.
Spirit will be nigh unbreakable.
Uruk still great attackers with an additional +10% offense from attacker and ork spells now even if units slightly buffed.
Uruks get
+15% ciorins
+10% uruk off
+5% ROTH
+5% Mortality
+25% with weaps
thats+60% extra offence already without factoring in science on weaponries.. That will make them INCREDIBLE Late Game with their super efficient Elites.

Sanzo April 2017

Quote: Mistro
''Roar of the Horde'' ...
Is the +15% units killed for both sides? Just attacker? Just defender?

All outgoing attacks

Mistro April 2017

Also having run some numbers with Dragons... Why even bother to implement them when they are so weak...

Unit efficiency is outweighed by the lack of starting income (huge) the lack of mine income (moderate) and in particular the effect on yards and farms... The farms effect in corrrelation to homes means dragons must run 8% without science factored in as well as they will need an extra amount of yards to avoid sucking the market dry of wood..

Used to be one of my favourite raes but i think they will struggle this coming age.

Jolten April 2017

I'm not worried about the dragons. In fact I'll probably play them.

Smikis April 2017

Nazgul gets a buff, dwarfs becomes even stronger early game, uruks gets nerfed and worse racial spell, I'm fairly certain it used to be better was it not 10-15% offense and something else.

Ps its horde not hoarde
Dragons seem rather weak, especially early game, not sure how they even realistically pillage targets within 90% of their size
How much citizens do barracks hold for the dragons? is it 80, 5? or something like 60?

and RIP HE,

DarthMaul April 2017

Why delete politics? Better to buff politics (increase fame gain?)

michelob April 2017

Does Brood build basics faster? Doesn't say it but the description is the same as when it did.

DarthMaul April 2017

Besides Race Spells, can we also have Class Spells ? [:p]

Sanzo last month

Quote: Smikis
uruks gets nerfed and worse racial spell

Worse than no racial spell? Uruk has a high ceiling. I don't feel bad for them.

Quote: Smikis
how they even realistically pillage targets within 90% of their size

Pillage has been changed to give optimal gains on all targets within 80% range. Between 70-80%, damage tapers off until reaching no gains at 70%.
Additionally, War Science, Mortality, and race traits (Uruk Hai) allow for even greater building destruction.

Quote: Smikis
barracks hold for the dragons?

Right now we have it at 5 but are discussing the issue. What do you think they should hold?

Quote: DarthMaul
Why delete politics?

No one was investing in Political Science branch. We thought it best to remove the branch until we came up for better bonuses. What kind of bonus do you think would be worthwhile? Post a suggestion and let us know [:D]

Quote: michelob
Does Brood build basics faster?

As we currently have it, Brood does not build basics faster.

Mistro last month

I think barracks holding the same.numbers was one of the only ways dragons could compete. Otherwise I think they look really quite weak.

DarthMaul last month

Increased Mana/Plans burned with Hwighton Raid and Enforced Honesty +0%
===> OK

Reduced Fame lost from Standard Attack
===> OK

Chance to persuade and enemy to not attack (Elude)
===> set higher value 1% gives 1% elude

Require only 600 Hostility to declare war
===> Thieves return 1 tick faster (min 1)

Smikis last month

do barracks hold same unit of military for dragons then? my question was rather silly .

Also dragon off specs 1400 for 16/4, 2 cits
dragons elite 1500 for 16/4 1 citz, why would anyone ever go off specs, should be little cheaper

lepel last month

Also dragon off specs 1400 for 16/4, 2 cits
dragons elite 1500 for 16/4 1 citz, why would anyone ever go off specs, should be little cheaper

I would [:D] . dont think dragons look too weak, they might need some tweaking, but i'd like to test them!

i also do not dislike the changes[ up]

Sanzo last month

Thanks for pointing that out Smikis. I will tweak Dragon elite units. Make them more expensive [up]

Mistro last month

Dragons units suck in comparison to other attackers. Real Shame.

Sanzo last month

Update: Dragon Barracks hold 50 military and 5 citizens

Mistro last month

Told you Dragons would suck :P

And how OP is Nazgul now.

Gus Fring last month

Dragons are not bad...but you should attack every 3 hours and take risks with high offense.

The downside of dragon is their huge soldiers costs which kinda hold them back early age.

Mistro last month

I attacked every 3 hours solidly for the first 36 hours near enough. but the appalling income is so crippling that everyone just out produces you too easily and you cant hold any land. Nazgul have such ridiculously cheap off/def specs they can dominate early game so easy and then convert to leets for mid late game.

Dragon off specs are completely useless so Dragon only hope is to claw through to late game somehow..
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