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bloodball December 2015

holy crap

hardar December 2015

Great community manager [:D] (nothing to do with what the url suggests [:s] )

Sanzo December 2015

Sanzo December 2015

Broken image

Blind December 2015


DaBoss December 2015


Sanzo December 2015

Broken image

Sanzo January 2016

Broken image

Blind March 2016

The Power of Pain Compels You!

bloodball March 2016

cant believe he is winning the pre elections

Kovenant March 2016

neither can I.
if he will be selected the US will create a lot of potential enemy's and will lose a lot of business partners.
politics is also knowing when to shut yer mouth.
Trump clearly doesn't know how to.
only insulting people and stepping everyone on their toes.
it's what the public wants, it's not what the public needs.

bloodball March 2016

the whole election is already quite grim though. more then ever thy are attacking eachtother. read that Hillary has two team solely to dig up dirt on trump so if he wins she can put it all out there.
I know that in American elections trowing with dirt is normal but apparently it is getting out of hand.
getting the feeling that in the end you got to choose one the lesser of two evils...
If trump wins I agree that it will cause major problems for the U.S. but then again the voters would do this to themselves..

Jamzi March 2016

Have you seen the Comedy Central Roast of Donald Trump (which he attends and is actually on the stage whilst they insult him). It also answers the question “What do you even say to a barber to get a haircut like Trump?!...” (the answer is 'I f*cked your daughter'..?!)

If you didn't see that I recommend watching it.

Also lol @ this:

bloodball March 2016

i didn't know they had a roast of trump. is it available on interwebs?

Cecil March 2016

U know if he becomes president, everyone involved in that roast will shortly thereafter die from “natural” causes

Bolle March 2016


Jamzi March 2016

lol yeah..

here is a clip of the woman who made the joke I posted above, it looks like the whole roast is split into different short segments on youtube. I think the people conducting the roast are famous in US as I had only heard of a few of them but they were pretty much all funny except this one guy from “Jersey Shore” which is a reality show (so what can you expect), he died a natural death on stage already without any help from Trump (so actually yeah even he was kinda funny but not in the intended way).

Cecil March 2016

US comedy central will re-air it every now and then, especially when trump does something stupid

bloodball May 2016

the stormtrooper i hilarious!

edit: jams your link is dead [cry]
edit/edit: <- new one (is this the right one?)
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