This or That?

Open Pollito opened this discussion on 10th September 2016

dagyrox September 2016

Looks like Sanzo wants to die [8)]


on-road or off-road

Kamecimi September 2016


ron athey or franko b?

temo September 2016

ron athey

ar 15 or ak 47

Scarlet September 2016


Undead or nazgul?

Sanzo September 2016

Undead (cause new nazguls are crap!)

Married with obnoxious, good-for-nothing kids or Forever alone?

dagyrox September 2016

Forever alone

Infinity or age resets? [:D]

Scarlet September 2016

8 week ages with resets so age and heritage comes into play <3

Calzone or Pizza Pop?

Mich September 2016

Old orkfia is for resets [;)]

Sanzo September 2016

Calzone I guess

House or apartment?

Fisk September 2016


Die by starvation or drowning?

Scarlet September 2016


Drum and Bass, or Trance?

dagyrox September 2016

Uh, whose do we answer, Fisk or Scarlet?

Plato September 2016

drowning and drum and bass I guess

a wealthy life or a rich life?

Kamecimi September 2016

a wealthy life.

chocolate milk or strawberry milk

Smokey September 2016

chocolate milk

xbox or ps4-5 or whatever they're on now

Cecil September 2016

xbox one if i could afford it

a giant douche or a turd sandwich?

Jamzi September 2016

a turd sandwich

with cheese slice or with lettuce/onions?

bloodball September 2016


I think a strong salad will make the turd sandwich taste better =]

Elvis or Pollito?

Sanzo September 2016

Pollito, the king of pop

ignorant and happy or knowledgable and miserable?

Scarlet September 2016

Knowledgeable and I unhappy.

Gotta have a reason to be salty.

Sanzo or Sanzo?

bloodball September 2016


indicates he is missing [evilgrin]


Jamzi September 2016

GTAVI pls (please please!)

Trump or Fart?

bloodball September 2016


pablo escobar or el chapo

Scarlet October 2016


Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate? [:p]

Cecil October 2016

dark chocolate is the only real chocolate here

whats worse, country or rap?
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