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Open Pollito opened this discussion on 11th September 2016

Pollito September 2016

There's 500 Citizens in the Tribe, will you save them or kill them?

Rules: You can either add or take away, be creative!

Examples: Magic Johnson visited the Tribe and had sex with 7 citizens and given them AIDS! you lost 7 citizens


The next person continues with 493

A wanna be Jesus Christ has arrived at your Tribe and has revived those Aids ridden citizens, you gained 7 citizens


Let's keep it double-digits at the most! have fun! I'll start!

Chuck Norris round-housed kicked 4 citizens and killed them, you lost 4 citizens


Nepherius September 2016

Pollito joined your tribe, 10 citizens killed themselves.
496-10 = 486

Fisk September 2016

The elder of the alliance banished Pollito from their land. People celebrated so loudly it attracted trolls.
3 citizens became troll dinner.
486-3= 483.

bloodball September 2016

citizens who liked pollito's game and gave their daughters to him.
12 new citizens where born


ScorpiAS September 2016

Polito died from exhaustion.

Hecate September 2016

With the recent death of Pollito, a young elf gathered a 50-person cult to sacrifice for him.


Kappa September 2016

The sacrifice initially did nothing but after 900 crowns were added as tribute, Pollito was revived as an Undead Zombie.


dagyrox September 2016

Pollito died once more


Cecil September 2016

pollito got drunk and drove into crips territory, 28 citizens were killed in the crossfire, pollito survived...


Smokey September 2016

Smokey joined the tribe to see what every one was saying about this pollito fellow.


Scarlet September 2016

The calming sound of the river and the soothing echoes makes them more fertile.

417+83 = 500

(Matawaska river OP)

Cecil September 2016

wait matawaska is only 10% so it should be 459 even with rounding up...

Sanzo September 2016

Fireballs rain from the sky! 120 citizens have been killed!
Your Mage detected 1 failed Fireball spell coming from Jamzi (#1)


ScorpiAS September 2016

Sanzos rain from the sky! 50 citizens have been killed! 150 sanzos survive the fall!

380-50+150 = 480

P.S. one of the killed was pollito.

bloodball September 2016

the age has end! citizens flee the city, 128 died in the rubble.

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