#26 vs #42 war report

Open Michele opened this discussion on 10th November 2016

Michele November 2016

The morning was quiet and the slackers in #42 had settled in for their 23 hour naps after a hard hour of hits on us.

All of a sudden casper the not so friendly ghost was honking the angry horn. 'Retal, retal!' He shouted and moaned. Up jumped daggy dags, screaming orders at Michele while she was threading barbed wire on a dildo with the name SnooZing engraved on the bottom.Someguy heard all the comotion and joined the planning.

The KT was set. Dildo at the ready, Michele started bugging everyone by pms for a target. But alas, no one was logged on until too late. Yes ladies and gents, in all our glory (not so vast glory) we missed our first kt. BUT! All was not lost! The slackers at SnooZing were still busy sleeping away. We just casted anyway [:D] and by the end of that tick nightquil was bent over caspers lap getting probed by the not so lovely Michele.

The news quickly spread as the sleepy heads were waking up. Seems they all felt the butt hurt and quickly surrendered.

Westereos in #26 jumped for joy at the fact they drew first blood for the age and rushed back to the perverted kinky lands they came from...

But is it over...?

Is it?

dagyrox November 2016

[:|] idk about you guys, buy this got me shivering.... And not in a good way [evilgrin][heart][up]

Someguy November 2016

Excellent report

Casper November 2016

Love this Michele [heart]

Scarlet November 2016

Butt is it over?

I fix for you.

dagyrox November 2016

[:D] hahahaha

Smokey November 2016

Such preoccupations with butts cannot be good for you.

dagyrox November 2016


Butt, too many kids is not good for you there's that too... [:D]
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