Brittonian success!!!!

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Player 2 -

0 fame. That is all thx.

Mistro -

Well played.

Buffy -

Well played :)

Tommies -

Would have liked to see you play more aggressive. instead exploring all the way until age end, i;d rather would have seen you training offence or even go full thieve or mage. With 40k acres the amount of tp's/mana would be insane.

Don;t think I have ever seen anyone this big. In orkfia it would have meant something, but in AAW it is useless.

Still good job considering most of your ally mates didn't play.

Sanzo -

Well played. I believe the previous record for a single tribe was around 38,000.

I am also disappointed you didn’t train offense and be a bully hahaha [evilgrin]

Gits -

His goal was to get to the highest acreage. He accomplished it. Congrats. If he would have gotten offense he wouldnt have done it. It would have been nice though.

Bulby -

good job... thanks for playing... we need players in any way shape form...
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