BBcode overview


Available smileys
tag result
[:)] :)
[:D] :D
[:(] :(
[:o] :o
[:p] :p
[;)] ;)
[:s] :s
[:|] :|
[8)] 8)
[:$] :$
[:@] :@
[:'(] :'(
[cry] cry
[h] h
[draw] draw
[fat] fat
[slim] slim
[grin] grin
[baby] baby
[yell] yell
[green] green
[neutral] neutral
[evilgrin] evilgrin
[heart] heart
[broken] broken
[cake] cake
[light] light
[lock] lock
[male] male
[female] female
[up] up
[down] down
[1st] 1st
[2nd] 2nd
[3rd] 3rd
[aatw] aatw
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Double tags

Tag Effect Example
[b][/b] Turns text bold Bold
[i][/i] Turns text italic Italic
[u][/u] Underline text Underline
[sub][/sub] Lowered text Subtext
[sup][/sup] Highered text Supertext
[quote][/quote] Quote text
[url][/url] OR [a][/a] Create url's
[small][/small] Make text smaller Small text
[s][/s] OR [del][/del] Strikes text Striked text
[o][/o] Adds an overline Overline
[c][/c] Centers text Center
preserves    multiple spacers
And all letters use the same width
     ideal for pasting intel
[admin][/admin] Hides text from normal users
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Single tags

Tag Effect Example
[%t] Indent text with 4 spacers     Indented text
[#1] Show alliance name in place of the alliance number with link(change the 1 in any alliance number) Development
[img]location_of_image[/img] Add an image to your text
[plain] Add this on top of your post and all bbtags inside your post will not be transformed into html. [b]Hi, bbcodes won't be transformed to html [:)][/b]
[edit] Adds a predifined *EDIT* text
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No tags required
Subject Explanation
Quotes Double "quotes" will be transformed into “quotes”
Url's Url's within posts will be transformed to clickables even without bbtag. bbtags are still nicer but not always necessary.
Url's Url's ending with certain file extensions like .jpg will get an identifying image after the link.