All attackers have a bonus of 1 tick shorter training time for all units and do not require a general for military exercises.


They might be short but they sure are mighty! Dwarves are keen warriors and flexible tribespeople. Building and mining skills honed through the generations ensure they are the quickest of all races to convert from growth/war/defensive builds, the little people are very versatile and quick to react.

Racial Abilities

  • Cannot build Homes
  • All buildings hold 85 citizens except Mines (130)
  • Barracks does not hold military
  • Faster: x2 building speed (build in 2 months)
  • Do not require wood to build
  • Hammer Smashers mine 2cr per month

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Grunt 1/0 150 cr
Off Hammer Smasher 5/1 400 cr
Def Mortar Team 0/6 700 cr
Elite Grey Beard 8/4 1,100 cr
Thief Short Cloak 0/0 250 cr


Silent but oh so violent. Highly intelligent birds lurking in the shadows, their blackened wings give the advantage of extreme speed. This is no birdwatching outing and the flock is hard to see until it's too late.

Racial Abilities

  • As the crow flies: 1 month attack time
  • On a failed attack 50% will return after 1 month
  • Strength in Numbers: 75% of normal military losses
  • Flock Mentality: 75% of normal damage on Blasphemy Crusade, Raze and Pillage
  • 40% of normal gains on Clear a Perimeter

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Nester 0/0 10 cr
Off Blackclaw 3/0 270 cr
Def Razorwing 0/6 620 cr
Elite Blackwing 5/5 850 cr
Thief Screecher 0/0 250 cr

Rept Hai

The cold, calculating Lizardfolk are Orks who took to the swampy regions of Orkfia and acquired reptilian features. They have tamed many terrifying beasts for their army with virulent venom and deadly gazes. Most fearsome of all however is their brilliant military tactics.

Racial Abilities

  • 3 months build time
  • Cause 200% of normal military losses to attackers when defending
  • Cunning: 1% offence bonus per month your general has stayed home since his last attack, with a maximum bonus of 20%.

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Hatchling 0/0 50 cr
Off Wyvern Rider 6/0 550 cr
Def Basilisk 0/7 750 cr
Elite Hydra 8/3 1,000 cr
Thief Gorgon 0/0 300 cr


Unfortunately, it is very expensive to train a Viking. They are very dense, and tend to be overtly arrogant. Though once trained, a Viking is a very strong and versatile unit.

Racial Abilities

  • Hit 'n' Run, Raze & Blasphemy Crusade require no general rest time
  • Bloodthirst - Every month attack damage and military losses inflicted increases by 5%. Max +50% after 10 months. Only regens if the army is at home

Military Units

Class Off/Def Cost
Basic Soldier 1/1 125 cr
Off Swordman 5/2 375 cr
Def Archer 3/6 500 cr
Elite Berserker 9/5 1,225 cr
Thief Looter 0/0 350 cr