Short version of the Code of Conduct (CoC) - less boring to read!

(Please note that the long version of CoC is used for enforcement of the rules by Law and Order alliance #2)

Personal Attacks - Being behind a monitor does not entitle you to personally attack any other member in the ORKFiA community. Remember that for every insult you dish out, another human being is taking it; keep the friendly environment that is so important along with the rivalry that fuels our will to play!

Cheating - Cheating does not make you a talented player, on the contrary it simply proves you do not have what it takes to be a top player! Cheating may vary widely, from using scripts to facilitate your tribe life, to bug abuse, and even purposely choosing tribe names which will create confusion with other tribes. Win your way to the top using pure skills and dedication!

Privacy of your account - your ORKFiA account is yours, and only yours. Allowing someone else to access it is not allowed! Likewise, you are only allowed one account with which you can play. If you share an IP address with another ORKFiA player, feel free to inform Law & Order about it.

Full Version of the Player Code of Conduct (CoC)

These rules apply to all in-game aspects of Orkfia (in-game, in-game pm's, in-game forums).

Personal Attacks
Please respect other people and their opinions. Personal attacks of any kind (including but not limited to; racial, sexual, homophobic, religious or ethnic epithets) on other players will not be tolerated.

Harassing other players or going out of your way to ruin another players experience will not be tolerated.

Tribe and Usernames
No impersonation of admins, moderators or staff members. If you find yourself with a similar name, have it changed by requesting a name change. Alternatively you can message Operations in alliance #3.

Pornographic Material
Pornographic content isn't permitted. This includes the provision of links to source material, or the posting of pornographic text or imagery.

Forums and Trackers
The opinions within the Forums do not necessarily represent the opinions of the makers of the game. All forum users are expected to be considerate of each other and the fact that although this game is not aimed at children, those of a sensitive disposition may read your posts. Orkfia staff promote free, open and reasonable discussions, however comments which are deemed to not be in the spirit of fun, sensible discussion or fairness within the game may be moderated or removed, at the discretion of staff.

Orkfia Mail
Please be considerate in your interactions with other players. All in game messaging is eligible for monitoring by Law & Order Staff at any time.

Account Sharing
Your account is yours and yours alone. Don't give your details to anyone, allowing any other person to access your own account isn't permitted.

Multiple Accounts
You are allowed one (1) account. Multiple accounts will be deleted upon detection.

Logging into your account from someone else's computer, who also plays Orkfia, can look suspicious so we advise against it.

Proxy Servers
The use of proxy servers outside of your country of residence is not allowed. As is the use of Tor browser or any other kind of software/website designed to mask/hide your IP. Anyone caught using the mentioned services could be suspended or deleted, use at your own risk.

IP Address Sharing
Sharing an internet connection and playing Orkfia with other people is permitted, however …When playing with other people that are using the same IP address as you, don't attack, thieve or cast spells on the same target within an 8 hour period. Inform the staff in alliance #2 of your situation and include details of which tribes share the same IP address and their locations. (Report Sharing Computers). Everything your tribe does is logged, so don't play for another person, don't share information out of war and don't use another player's account to gather information for you when they play from the same IP address. Inform the staff in alliance #2 if you plan to play from a computer or location different from your home

Scripting isn't permitted. Orkfia was created for people to play versus people and therefore all actions should be performed by a person rather than a script.

Repeat Offence
Repeatedly violating the CoC rules will result in escalating punishments at the discretion of staff.

Target Sharing
Sharing any tribe information outside of your own alliance isn't permitted.

This includes all intel obtainable only with t/m operations ingame (ie. any information found in visions, innersights, recons, intercepts etc.)
Any info found on open pages does not fall under target sharing (i.e. any info found on the alliance page, any info found on the resource list).

[For example, by definition: If you say to someone outside your alliance "Tribe X has incoming acres" you will be in violation (this cannot be seen without a recon) but saying "Tribe X had acres come in last hour" is acceptable (this can be seen on the alliance page).]

Enforcement, and updates

  • We reserve the right to immediately and without warning delete or suspend a user's account, for any amount of time, for violations of the Code of Conduct.
  • We reserve the right to remove at any time, without notice, any user-created content from our forums for violations of the Code of Conduct.
  • We also reserve our right to amend or change the Code of Conduct at any time without notice. You must periodically review this document to ensure you are doing your part.