Orkfia is a fantasy land where you play as the leader of a tribe playing besides and against real human players around the world that are each controlling their own tribe of loyal computer generated citizens. The ultimate goal is to become the best and most powerful tribe in the game, as part of the best alliance in the game.

Global News
Time News Item
CD has laid the final blow to Musing Morgan (#24)'s career during their war
CD has declared war on Double Rainbow Inc
Elendian's power is suppressed by the god of death Bhaal as he temporarily gains the upper hand.
CD has won the war against Dominion Hold-outs!
CD has laid the final blow to The G (#27)'s career during their war
Suddenly an echoing voice calls out all through the lands: "This world was a mistake. It needs to be cleansed." A large, indescribable being is visible in the clouds.
Dominion Hold-outs has declared war on CD
Slackerville!!!! has truced with CD
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War, Magic & Thievery

Create and rule your tribe in real time. Team up with your friends and fight to become the largest, strongest & most famous of all alliances!

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Game Overview—Age 106

There are 90 tribes in 22 alliances. 2 players currently online and 1 ongoing war.