1. I came here by mistake but I like the graphics, what is this about?

    Orkfia is an exciting online strategy game, developed and maintained by its players. It is text based and situated in a fantasy world called "Orkfia". Together with other players in your alliance you will be warring others as they step in your way. The combination of strategy and war is the ultimate challenge in Orkfia, besides basic stuff like training military, constructing buildings and trying to stay alive.

  2. Does it cost anything to join?

    It is completely free to play.

  3. Where do I start?

    Choose one of our 24 races, and then when you are ready to join - register to play!

  4. What should be my first actions?

    Assuming you have already selected a race and created your account, your first actions should be to train military units. There are many options available, the safest one is probably to train the most defence you can afford. Simply add your soldiers training cost to your most effective defensive unit cost, more likely your defensive specialists or elites units, and divide your available money by the total training cost to know how much soldiers to train. Training is instant while in protection so you can immediatly train your soldiers into advanced units.
    That's just one possibility, maybe not the most efficient, but i'm sure you'll figure out better ones.

  5. Is there anything I must know?

    Yes, you should read our Code of Conduct, which contains the rules that are enforced within the game.

  6. How do I win?

    An age lasts 4 weeks. During this time, your main goal, but not only, is to grow as big as you can. But you will soon learn that size isn't all that matters. While final rankings are based on land, there are many paths to reach the top place. Outgrow everyone in a crazy race? Fight your way to the top? Remain in the shades while others are killing each others? The choice is yours.
    There are many ways to prove your skill in Orkfia, the most prestigious ones depending on good teamwork and the success of your alliance.

  7. Where do all players hang out?

    First and most important place to hang out will be inside your alliance, using the alliance forum. To interact with other players we have two official places: the World Forum, and our official Discord server.

We wish you the best of luck getting to learn this exciting strategy game, and hope to see you inside the game soon!
~ The Orkfia Staff Team