About Orkfia

Orkfia is a game of its community, where players are always asking for—even demanding—new and improved features and with admins, coders and players responding to that.

Not just “building a game”

Not only do we continually build and evolve a game, but also a world and universe where the player community is always interacting.

What makes Orkfia special?

Time. History. Rankings. All connected back to the very first instant players were allowed to register their accounts. Orkfia —like no other browser based game—offers true persistence; a game world that continues to exist no matter if players are logged in or not and where years and historical achievements will be remembered by the game. Our laws of reality are much more similar to actual reality, more so than in most other games—there can only be one beginning of time and one end. And just like reality the only thing certain is death.

Time will keep on passing in the world known as “Orkfia”, it and all actions will be saved and used to create persistency.

Which are the goals to play for?

Age victories

Each alliance strives to conquer the goals set by the Gods. These can vary, but in all cases the time factor is the key. Ages have a beginning and an end, unlike the game. What is unique to Orkfia in this aspect is that victories during ages are measured against historic victories of other ages.

Note: Currently the way to win is by dominance. The victory conditions are either the largest alliance for most number of years, or the largest alliance at one time during the whole age.

Personal achievements

While currently not stored, there is a near unlimited amount of records that can be reached. Strongest, largest, fastest, only the imagination is the limit. Thanks to the persistent nature of Orkfia, these stored records will be possible to collect and compare during the whole career of a player.

Alliance achievements

As with personal achievements, but taken to an alliance–wide level, all records of each alliance of players are collected and used relative to other alliances. Players will in this sense not only compete individually, but as a team against other groups of players.

Contact Us

To contact those who work with Orkfia, please register and use the in–game means of communication. We usually hang out near where the players are (find us in alliances #1–3).

© (The small print)

Unless otherwise stated, “Orkfia”, its graphics (logo, background pictures, ingame images), code and design (combination of colors, shapes, images, etc.) are © Orkfia and may not be used in any other context/game/production that does not promote alliancesatwar.com.

Using Fam Fam Fam Silk Icons and Fugue Icons.

The background history, races and concepts used in this game mixes generic high fantasy with player contributed stories, either belonging to the public domain or as claimed elsewhere (usually either the author and/or alliancesatwar.com.

Artworks used for header are used with kind authorization from Nick Deligaris . Original paintings: "Dragon Rider", "Old Tree Wallpaper" and "Lolth".