Balrogs - overpowered?

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kemi-san -

hmm. since this thread got started, the number of balrogs in the game has soared =D

Bolle -

Joy... more unkillable dudes.

*DE goes cry in a corner*

Mr X -

hehehe looks like 45 got owned and decided to go all balrogs...

kemi-san -

just goes to show, people are cheap bastards =D but fixing them is long overdue, it was discussed when we had that little LE incident, and most of us agreed that they needed a fix. since then, they've got one upgrade and one planned nerf, and the nerf will not fix their efficiency, just remove a small bit of their killing power (they can skip weaponries and go full guilds instead, so they're still as good mages as most other races), so the nerf really only affects their hybrid status. 30% homes as every other race isn't a bad idea, just find a balanced number of citz to allow in each house. That'd probably make them less efficient, just like it does for dragons. (Just an idea, I don't know if it'll be balanced)

I've no clue what Dev. has planned for balrogs, but they're soon gonna be at the same ratio vs. other races that templars used to have 7-8 months ago. That alone should suffice to prove that they're overpowered =D

Halcyon -

well since less homes is a defining feature of balrog 30% homes seems rather unattractive as a fix. since they get 15% more guilds let's slap a 15%+ received damage on TM ops :P

HaRRy -

They've already had a nerf AND a game change to make them (more) killable last age.
A game change for 1 race is quite a big deal already, so dev did look into it.
We did learn from the past(or at least I did) where we changed too much for 1 race in 1 time and people went mad >_<

The proposed nerf for next age was already planned last age. Another additional small nerf has just not yet been posted but will very likely be added to changes post soon.

thedritpwnskkkk -

Small nerfs + something that makes thieves something else than castrates will be enough.

Aqualightnin -

hmm... i know 15% homes is a big part of them.. but if you wanted to reduce their efficiency, you could simply give them 30% homes, but have homes hold half.... would be same effect except take up more land, and become slightly more killable (but after removing their spell damage reduction, i don't think that's a HUGE problem anymore)

personally i don't think its needed though. sure being able to run 20% (or 20% more guilds) weaponries in a standard build without sacrificing something else is nice, but Dwarves can do it too, so its not that bad.

only thing i really think needs to be done is a stat efficiency rework, which i believe is coming, right?

Mr X -

But dwarfs suffers since their guilds is useless (35% less mana and plans production) and to be frank any dwarf running high ml and lots and lots of guilds just scream to all other attackers please bc kill me...

Joe -

The most unique feature of Balrogs is the additional space for stuff (much like spirits need no farms) so it would be a pity to remove it.
Imo its way nicer to balance it by taking some greatness from their unit efficiency and cost. They are VERY hard to kill and have good versatility in their building options (a Mori Hai for example has roughly two builds: 1- income and 2- turtle). So I think it would be best to make them a slightly less fast attacker than for example UD, Raven, most Orcs and HE and comparable to Nazz and Dragon (that are also very hard to kill but more tankish and less t/ming)

HaRRy -

15% is gonna stay, I coded so much for it to work [:p]

Efficiency can easily be changed. Their loads of spare acres doesnt have to be a problem.
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