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jammed -

how much bonus off. does fame give?

Apaullo -

the Guide is ur friend Jammed :P dont be afriad to look at it there :)

jammed -

i don't think that it was in the guide because before when i was an attacker i looked it at there but i've found none. unless there is someone who can point me out where it is found. :)

Sweets -

You get a 1% offense bonus per 1500 points of fame.

jammed -

thx sweets.

Cecil -

its one of those things from a few months back that we had ppl look thru the guide again to make sure something was there

jammed -

but it isn't in the guide as of the moment. pls put it back in the guide so that we can calculate the attackers' potential off. thx. :)

Lord Saggy -

I demand that if an attacker retreats from a defender, the defender should get some fame. Because yeah. It's shameful on your family if you retreat.
I'd suggest killing the Generals wives and children also, but how we could play that into the game needs some thorough discussion.

jammed -

i don't kill women and children. i only sold them to rich families to become slaves. i also have my code of ethics unlike you chonka. :)

kemi-san -

slavery doesn't sound very ethical tbh

jammed -

atleast i let them live unlike chonka who wants them dead.

frank -

you brutal ones! kill the general and his armies, well, the women, find a beautiful one, then bring her home and just leave the children alone.

eggs -

haha, if you fail an attack you lose your army.

jammed -

just put in the alli news that “your leader is incompetent”

Lord Saggy -

Quote: Orkfia 2 hours ago
It should have read;
If an attacker retreats before a defender, the General should be given intel on jammed's tribe, and the leader forced into attacking jammed.
Of course, it would also include executing the children at the rising of the sun, and giving the soldiers the woman of jammed's tribe.

Agreed, much better.

Joe -

Lol. I thought Orkfia was inhabited by males only :P

HaRRy -

I think they're all hermaphrodite.

Or worse, hairy stinky woman in the military.
Dwarf hairy stinky female.

Donnie -

Some might find Dwarf woman's virility an attractive quality. :)Not that I speak of it personally

jammed -

Joe, Yesterday

Lol. I thought Orkfia was inhabited by males only :P

wtf... why can they reproduce if they're all males.

Bolle -

humanistic view (!) you take there jammed..

- why would all races reproduce like humans?
- if there's females, they have to be in the army and sold on the market as soldiers. How else can you have a constant regrowth rate when you're 200 citz with max military?
- there's obviously no tampering with it, otherwise the growth rate could be variable ;P

jammed -

yeah. but even the military nowadays accepts female. maybe humans for instance with their EM they can reproduce with female military personnel.

Cecil -

alchemical cloning my friends, thats how orkfian populace expands

Bolle2 -

so... matawaska river is actually some sort of chemical river ;x

Lord Saggy -

It's the run off from the Cyanide plant further north, bottled up with pretty labels, and sold in markets all over Orkfia for 3cr for 600mL.
They do have an online store where you can purchase the products in varying bottle sizes, at a discounted price.
Also, Global Market Direct (Channel 293 OrkStar) sells the 600mL product. Call within the next 15 minutes and pay by credit card to receive an extra 3 bottles for free! That's a saving equivalent to 3 bottles!

Dev - Joe -

wtf... why can they reproduce if they're all males.

I dunno!? Maybe they just adopt kids from other worlds or so.

Besides, we may know when human reproduction occurs, but it's not like we understand how it happens. Maybe males can reproduce in ways unknown to us...

Lord Saggy -

Maybe males can reproduce in ways unknown to us...
Out of their peeholes.
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